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Police probing historical child sex claims against Lord Janner did not question him because his Alzheimer's would have scuppered value of his evidence, lead investigator tells inquiry 8Aw世界播



Police investigating historical allegations against Lord Janner decided not to question him after being advised that his mental deterioration would scupper the value of his evidence, an inquiry has heard. 8Aw世界播


Former Temporary Detective Superintendent Nigel 'Matt' Hewson said officers had planned to call the Labour peer in for interview, following a search of his home in December 2013. 8Aw世界播


But by this stage a police medical expert warned that Lord Janner, who had Alzheimer's, would only be able to provide evidence of 'questionable' worth, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse heard. 8Aw世界播


Mr Hewson, who was the senior investigating officer leading Leicestershire Police's Operation Enamel into historical allegations of abuse against Lord Janner, said he decided the threshold for arresting the ex-Leicestershire MP had not been met. 8Aw世界播

休森是领导莱斯特郡警方“珐琅行动”(Operation Eamel)调查针对詹纳勋爵(Lord Janner)的历史指控的高级调查官。他表示,他认为逮捕这名前莱斯特郡议员的门槛尚未达到。8Aw世界播

Jacqueline Carey, assistant counsel to the inquiry, said: 'You told us that in November 2013, you made the decision not to arrest Lord Janner. 8Aw世界播

调查助理律师杰奎琳·凯里(Jacqueline Carey)说:“你告诉我们,2013年11月,你做出了不逮捕詹纳勋爵的决定。”8Aw世界播


Lord Greville Ewan Janner arrives home from court after attending his trial at Westminster Magistrates Court on alleged sex charges, August 15 2015 8Aw世界播

2015年8月15日,格雷维尔·尤恩·詹纳勋爵(Lord Greville Ewan Janner)在威斯敏斯特地方法院(Westminster地方法院)出庭受审后,从法庭回到家中8Aw世界播

'There was a search of his home address on December 16 and 17 2013, and at that stage you were planning to invite Lord Janner for interview, but at that stage you discovered he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease?' 8Aw世界播


Mr Hewson replied: 'That's correct, yes.' 8Aw世界播


Ms Carey said: 'Indeed a police surgeon had advised that Lord Janner's cognitive function was poor, and that the value of any answers - if he chose to answer questions - would be questionable?' 8Aw世界播


Mr Hewson replied: 'That's correct.' 8Aw世界播


He said police later conducted a search of Lord Janner's parliamentary office in Westminster in March 2014. 8Aw世界播


Lord Janner, a Labour MP from 1970 until 1997 when he was made a peer in the House of Lords, died in December 2015 while awaiting trial for 22 counts of child sexual abuse offences, relating to nine different boys. 8Aw世界播


His last public appearance, a 59-second hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court in August 2015, was characterised by Lord Janner's apparent inability to register what was happening. 8Aw世界播


He denied the allegations, while his family said he 'became a target' for a number of reasons, including 'his particular public profile and being financially comfortable in his later years'. 8Aw世界播


Mr Hewson said a man known as 'Nick' came forward to the Metropolitan Police in late 2014, claiming to have been abused by Lord Janner. 8Aw世界播


However, his evidence was deemed by Mr Hewson to be of little use. 8Aw世界播


Mr Hewson told the inquiry of Nick's evidence, presented to Leicestershire Police in the form of a transcript: 'The allegations were so minimal, although it mentioned Lord Janner's name it didn't go into any detail whatsoever. 8Aw世界播



The investigation previously found there was no evidence of 'Westminster paedophile ring'. Pictured: Carl Beech 8Aw世界播

此前的调查发现,没有证据表明存在“威斯敏斯特恋童癖团伙”。图片来源:卡尔·比奇(Carl Beech)8Aw世界播

'There was minimal detail about the alleged conduct of Lord Janner, there was no timing, no place - anything else, really. 8Aw世界播


'Literally it was two or three lines within that document (interview transcript), there were no immediate lines of inquiry. 8Aw世界播


'You could almost say it was struggling to establish that it was a complaint in any event.' 8Aw世界播


Nick, later revealed to be fantasist Carl Beech, was not considered useful as a potential prosecution witness against Lord Janner and his claims were dismissed by the force, Mr Hewson said. 8Aw世界播

休森表示,尼克后来被发现是幻想家卡尔·比奇(Carl Beech),作为指控詹纳勋爵(Lord Janner)的潜在控方证人,他被认为没有用处,他的指控被警方驳回。8Aw世界播

Beech was jailed for 18 years in 2019 for what a judge called his 'cruel and callous' lies against politicians he claimed abused him. 8Aw世界播


The three-week inquiry into institutional responses to historic abuse allegations against Lord Janner opened on Monday. 8Aw世界播


The inquiry has already heard that children in care homes allegedly abused by Lord Janner did not immediately contact police because they felt 'fear, shame, embarrassment and confusion'. 8Aw世界播


Large sections of the inquiry are being held in private due to concerns that evidence may identify alleged victims of sexual offending, who receive automatic anonymity. 8Aw世界播


Yesterday, the inquiry heard that children in care homes allegedly abused by the late Lord Janner did not immediately contact police because they felt 'fear, shame, embarrassment and confusion'. 8Aw世界播


Brian Altman QC, counsel to the inquiry, said complainants feared they 'would not be believed', while another said social care staff were 'very dismissive' when their concerns were raised. 8Aw世界播

调查律师布莱恩·奥特曼(Brian Altman)说,投诉人担心他们“不会被相信”,而另一名投诉人说,当他们的担忧被提出时,社会护理人员“非常不屑一顾”。8Aw世界播


Lord Janner'slast public appearance (pictured with daughter Marion) leaving Westminster Magistrates' Court, where effects of his 'deteriorating and irreversible' dementia were visible 8Aw世界播


In an opening statement to the inquiry, Mr Altman said Leicestershire Police conducted two investigations into the allegations against Lord Janner, in 1999 and 2012, but that neither resulted in charges being brought. 8Aw世界播


He said: 'How and why no charges were brought will be the focus of much of the evidence you will hear over the next three weeks. 8Aw世界播


'His death (in December 2015) brought an end to the criminal proceedings and with it the prospect of a jury deciding whether the acts occurred.' 8Aw世界播


He added: 'Every allegation made against him has been consistently and repeatedly denied.' 8Aw世界播


He told the panel: 'This is not an investigation into Lord Janner's guilt or his innocence, it is not a proxy criminal trial or a civil trial.' 8Aw世界播


Mr Altman said one of the allegations related to a claim of buggery at a flat in Dolphin Square, in Westminster, central London, in the 1960s when the complainant was homeless having run away from care. 8Aw世界播

奥尔特曼表示,其中一项指控与20世纪60年代伦敦市中心威斯敏斯特海豚广场(Dolphin Square)一套公寓的肛交指控有关,当时申诉人因逃离看护而无家可归。8Aw世界播

The alleged victim said 'there was just no opportunity or person I could have told', Mr Altman told the inquiry. 8Aw世界播


In the 1970s, one complainant said he was indecently assaulted at a children's home and at the Houses of Parliament, and contacted police in April 2015. The allegations were under review at the time of Lord Janner's death. 8Aw世界播


Mr Altman said the complainant found it 'too hard to even admit to myself what happened' to him. 8Aw世界播


The complainant said: 'I find it too overwhelming for me to deal with - it's like if I don't have to tell anyone, I don't have to admit it to myself.' 8Aw世界播



Lord Janner's son, Daniel Janner QC (pictured)vehemently opposed the decision to 'press ahead' with the investigation into the responses of Leicestershire Police and the CPS 8Aw世界播


He did not report it to police at the time because he was concerned about not being believed and felt embarrassed, Mr Altman said. 8Aw世界播


Mr Altman told the inquiry there were 'myriad reasons' why complainants did not tell police of the alleged abuse at the time. 8Aw世界播


He said this included 'fear, shame, embarrassment and confusion about what the complainant said happened, or concern by the child that they would not be believed'. 8Aw世界播


Nick Stanage, representing 13 complainants on behalf of law firm Slater and Gordon, told the inquiry of the lengthy wait for 'justice'. 8Aw世界播

代表斯莱特和戈登律师事务所的13名原告尼克·斯坦纳奇(Nick Stanage)告诉调查人员,等待“正义”的漫长过程。8Aw世界播

He said: 'That prosecution came many years after allegations first surfaced - it was a prosecution that came too late. 8Aw世界播


'For our clients, justice delayed was justice denied.' 8Aw世界播


He added: 'Prominent people accused of child sex offences should be prosecuted with the same determination and the same vigour as any defendant.' 8Aw世界播


In a statement, Lord Janner's son Daniel Janner QC said the inquiry would 'deny my family the ability to cross-examine accusers'. 8Aw世界播


He said: 'My father cannot answer back from his grave. 8Aw世界播


'He is not there to defend himself.' 8Aw世界播


Danny Friedman QC, representing members of the Janner family, addressed the inquiry with a statement from Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Lord Janner's youngest daughter. 8Aw世界播

代表詹纳家族成员的御用大律师丹尼·弗里德曼(Danny Friedman)用詹纳勋爵的小女儿劳拉·詹纳-克劳斯纳(Laura Janner-Klausner)拉比的一份声明回应了调查。8Aw世界播

It said: 'We have listened carefully to all the serious accusations, we believe as totally in our father's innocence today as we always have.' 8Aw世界播



Fantasist Carl Beech, one of Lord Janner's accusers, was jailed for 18 years in 2019 for perverting the course of justice. Beech's lies ruined reputations of some public servants 8Aw世界播


The family said they believed Lord Janner 'became a target' for a number of reasons, including 'his particular public profile and being financially comfortable in his later years'. 8Aw世界播


Mr Friedman said it was the family's case that Lord Janner was framed, and that there was a 'misrepresentation of evidence of his association with a number of children's homes and a particular person associated with them'. 8Aw世界播


Previously, the investigation into MPs, peers and civil servants working at Westminster found political institutions 'significantly failed in their responses to allegations of child sexual abuse'. 8Aw世界播


But it said there was no evidence of a 'Westminster paedophile ring' - allegations made in the House of Commons in 2012 which kick-started the multimillion-pound inquiry, and later resulted in the prosecution of the fantasist Carl Beech. 8Aw世界播

但它表示,没有证据表明存在“威斯敏斯特恋童癖团伙”-2012年下议院提出的指控启动了这项数百万英镑的调查,后来导致幻想者卡尔·比奇(Carl Beech)被起诉。8Aw世界播

The remaining three avenues of the inquiry - including the Lord Janner strand - are due to hear evidence this year, before a final report of overarching findings from all 15 sections of the investigation is laid before Parliament in 2022. 8Aw世界播

剩下的三个调查渠道-包括詹纳勋爵(Lord Janner)斯特兰德-定于今年听取证据,然后在2022年向议会提交调查所有15个部门的总体调查结果的最终报告。8Aw世界播

The latest strand of the long-running IICSA will focus on the police and prosecution response to allegations made against Lord Janner going back to the mid-1950s. 8Aw世界播


Earlier this year, IICSA chairwoman Professor Alexis Jay confirmed the investigation into the responses of Leicestershire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service would continue - despite vehement opposition from members of Lord Janner's family - although it would be held largely in closed sessions to protect the anonymity of those who accused him. 8Aw世界播

今年早些时候,IICSA主席亚历克西斯·杰伊(Alexis Jay)教授证实,尽管詹纳勋爵的家人强烈反对,但对莱斯特郡警方和皇家检察院回应的调查将继续进行,尽管调查将在很大程度上以闭门会议进行,以保护指控他的人的匿名。8Aw世界播

Proffessor Jay said this strand of the investigation was 'not an investigation into Lord Janner's guilt or innocence'. 8Aw世界播


She added: 'It is not a proxy criminal or civil trial... it is an investigation into institutions, and into how they responded to the allegations made against Lord Janner.' 8Aw世界播


The three-week investigation follows previous strands into Westminster, the education sector and other institutions. 8Aw世界播



Lord Greville Janner and Myra Sheink's engagement announcement. The pair married in 1955. Allegations made against Lord Janner go back to the mid-1950s 8Aw世界播


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