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Downing Street sees off Commons revolt on 10pm pub curfew despite Tory backbench rebellion from MPs who say it would mean 'death by 1,000 cuts' for businesses Xqw世界播



Tory coronavirus curfew rebels made a symbolic protest against the 10pm pub closure rule tonight but were unable to prevent it being cemented into law. Xqw世界播


Forty-two Conservative MPs opposed the lockdown measure in the Commons tonight amid anger at the measure critics say has no scientific backing and is hugely damaging to businesses. Xqw世界播


There was also anger at perceiveddirty tricks after they attempted to axe the vote. They include the curfew in a wider vote on the Prime Minister's new lockdown tier system unveiled yesterday, meaning that if it was defeated, the whole system would collapse. Xqw世界播


MPs were able to force a separate vote but themeasure was approved by 299 votes to 82, a majority of 217. Xqw世界播


It came as Health Secretary Matt Hancockadmitted to MPs that the 10pm curfew was a 'policy choice' rather than a scientific imperative. Xqw世界播

与此同时,卫生部长马特·汉考克(Matt Hancock)向议员们承认,晚上10点的宵禁是一种“政策选择”,而不是科学上的当务之急。Xqw世界播

'There is no silver bullet, and without one, although difficult, we must learn to live with the virus. The continued peaks and troughs are unsustainable and offer false hope.' Xqw世界播



Health Secretary Matt Hancock admitted to MPs that the 10pm curfew was a 'policy choice' rather than a scientific imperative. Xqw世界播












Ministers were embroiled in a dirty tricks row this afternoon after attempting to axe a planned vote on the curfew. They want to include it in a wider vote on the Prime Minister's new lockdown tier system unveiled yesterday Xqw世界播


He continued: 'My inbox is swamped by people imploring me to help the Government to realise that their businesses will be damned. I have not received one letter or email asking me to commend the Government on its proposals.' Xqw世界播


Mr Ahmad Khan said he would 'reconsider and vote with the Government' if a more geographically granular model was used when placing areas into a certain tier, as is the case with High Peak, adding: 'Without such assurances, I fear these measures would, for Wakefield, be a death by 1,000 cuts. Xqw世界播

艾哈迈德·汗表示,如果像High Peak那样,在将区域划分到特定级别时使用更精确的模型,他将“重新考虑并与政府一起投票”。他补充说:“如果没有这样的保证,我担心这些措施将导致韦克菲尔德1000人的死亡。”Xqw世界播

'I cannot look my constituents in the eye if I have voted for measures that break them.' Xqw世界播


MPs had a briefing with Jonathan Van-Tam on the 10pm curfew yesterday. Pressed repeatedly for the scientific justification for the curfew, sources told MailOnline the deputy chief medical officer said: 'That was a policy decision not a scientific one.' Xqw世界播


No10 told reporters today there would be no separate vote on the curfew tonight as was expected. Xqw世界播


Instead they expert it to be bundled into a vote on the while Level 1 Medium tier of Boris Johnson's new lockdown measures. Xqw世界播

取而代之的是,他们将其捆绑到对鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)新的封锁措施的While Level 1中等级别的投票中。Xqw世界播

ButTory MP Peter Bone said it would be 'extraordinary' if the government tried to avoid a separate vote on the controversial move. Xqw世界播

但保守党议员彼得·伯恩(Peter Bone)表示,如果政府试图避免对这一有争议的举动进行单独投票,那将是“非同寻常的”。Xqw世界播

Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee of backbench Tories, said the Government needs to 'work with the public' to encourage them to take 'sensible precautions for themselves'. Xqw世界播


He said young children should be exempted from the rule of six, the 10pm curfew should be scrapped or 'softened', and airport testing is needed to mitigate the 'hugely damaging' quarantine arrangements. Xqw世界播


Sir Graham also pressed for an exit strategy from restrictions for his Altrincham and Sale West constituents, adding: 'This half-alive state we have to inhabit cannot be allowed to become permanent.' Xqw世界播

格雷厄姆爵士还敦促他的Altrincham和Sale West选民退出限制,并补充说:“我们必须居住的这个半生不老的状态不能被允许成为永久的。”Xqw世界播

Despite the claims from No10, the Speaker's Office has been making clear to MPs that the votes on curfew and other coronavirus measures will be taken separately. Xqw世界播


Mr Hancock this afternoon defended the curfew as he faced sceptical Tory backbenchers. Xqw世界播


'We already now have evidence from accident and emergency departments that we've seen a reduction in alcohol-related admissions late at night after the 10pm curfew,' he said. Xqw世界播


'This is both important in its own right but it's also a proxy as a measure of how much people are drinking late at night, and therefore is evidence there is less mixing and less drinking late at night.' Xqw世界播


A Tory MP has said he will not vote for the Government's tiered restrictions, which will 'break' his constituents. Xqw世界播


Tory MP Craig Mackinlay (South Thanet) raised concerns over the 10pm curfew imposed on bars and restaurants and said he would vote against the curfew. Xqw世界播

保守党议员克雷格·麦金利(South Thanet)对酒吧和餐馆实施的晚上10点宵禁表示担忧,并表示他将投票反对宵禁。Xqw世界播

He told the Commons: 'My real concern is of course about the 10pm curfew. Just considering this great city of London, the restaurants are closed, the pubs closed, there is no takeaway available at 10 o'clock and guess what, the first train out of London or the next Tube at 10 past 10 is going to be rocka-chocka solid, mixing and mingling with people at close proximity.' Xqw世界播


The Health Secretary said people are largely mixing outside after 10pm, adding: 'They would otherwise be mixing inside the premises - it's just easier to photograph outside.' Xqw世界播


Headded the Government also needs to reduce the amount of social contact to control the virus, explaining: 'We're trying to protect as much as is possible education and protect as much as is possible work, essentially that leaves socialising as the other part of life, of activity where people transmit the virus. Xqw世界播


'And so it is therefore understandable that governments around the world and around this United Kingdom, governments of all different political persuasions have all come to broadly the same conclusion that it is necessary to restrict socialising because that way we reduce the transmission with the least damage to education and the economy. Xqw世界播


'So while there is both direct and approximate evidence for the positive impact of this measure, there is also the strategic point which is if we want to control the virus and we weren't to do this, we'd have to do something else and we want, as a matter of policy choice, to protect education and protect work.' Xqw世界播


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