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Harley-Davidsons, travelling Europe and caring for sick kids: How Daryl Maguire's estranged wife reinvented herself after splitting from the disgraced MP - before he struck up a relationship with Gladys Berejiklian sml世界播



The estranged wife of Daryl Maguire lives a humble life dedicated to her beloved animals and helping sick children and the elderly after splitting from the disgraced MP. sml世界播

达里尔·马奎尔(Daryl Maguire)分居的妻子在与名誉扫地的议员分手后,过着卑微的生活,奉献给她心爱的动物,帮助生病的孩子和老人。sml世界播

Maureen Maguire relocated to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland from her family home in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, shortly after their marriage broke down in 2015. sml世界播

2015年婚姻破裂后不久,莫琳·马奎尔(Maureen Maguire)从新南威尔士州瓦加瓦加(Wagga Wagga)的家中搬到了昆士兰州的阳光海岸。sml世界播

Her former husband, who was later booted from parliament amid corruption allegations, would go on to strike up a five-year relationship with Gladys Berejiklian, it was revealed on Monday. sml世界播

周一有消息称,她的前夫,后来因腐败指控被议会开除,将继续与Gladys Berejiklian建立为期五年的关系。sml世界播

'We had breakfast one early morning more than five years ago when she told me she was moving to Noosaville to begin a new life after she and Daryl split,' Wagga Wagga councillor Yvonne Braid told Newscorp. sml世界播



Maureen Maguire (pictured) lives a humble life dedicated to her beloved animals and helping sick children and the elderly after splitting from the disgraced MP sml世界播

莫琳·马奎尔(Maureen Maguire)(如图)在与名誉扫地的议员分手后,过着卑微的生活,奉献给她心爱的动物,帮助生病的孩子和老人sml世界播


'When she left for Noosaville she became a totally different person. She was free, she rode Harley-Davidsons, she travelled Europe, she was herself,' a friend said of Ms Maguire (pictured) sml世界播


Ms Braid said Ms Maguire had earned the nickname 'The Angel' around Wagga Wagga because of her generous and kind nature. sml世界播


She said her two passions are animals and the elderly, adding that she would frequently spend hours keeping the elderly company because it upset her to think of anyone as abandoned. sml世界播


She would also focus her efforts on supporting the families of seriously ill children, Ms Braid said. sml世界播


'She adores her son and daughter but, you know, the last 10 years she and Daryl were not together, she never spoke about him, they lived largely separate lives, you never ever saw them together around Wagga.' sml世界播


Ms Maguire's daughter also lives near the Sunshine Coast and being closer to her was part of the motivation for her move, Ms Braid said. sml世界播


Other friends describe Ms Maguire as shy and say she had not been on good terms with her former husband for about 10 years before they split about a decade ago. sml世界播


'When she left for Noosaville she became a totally different person. She was free, she rode Harley-Davidsons, she travelled Europe, she was herself,' one friend said. sml世界播


Ms Maguire moved to a two-bedroom unit in Noosaville in about 2012, with Mr Maguire buying her out of their $2.6million four-bedroom Wagga Wagga house five years later. sml世界播


On Monday, an Independent Commission Against Corruption hearing was told by sitting New South Premier Gladys Berejiklian that she and Mr Maguire had been in a relationship since 2015. sml世界播

周一,现任新南州州长格拉迪斯·贝里吉克利安(Gladys Berejiklian)在廉政公署(ICAC)的听证会上被告知,她和马奎尔自2015年以来一直在交往。sml世界播

During their relationship, Mr Maguire quit parliament after admitting to a previous ICAC inquiry that he sought private payment for a property deal he brokered while a sitting MP. sml世界播


Ms Berejiklian told the inquiry she ended their liaison 'a few months ago' and had no knowledge of his business dealings. sml世界播



Daryl Maguire (left) and Gladys Berejiklian (right) were revealed on Monday to have been in a relationship since 2015 sml世界播


NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay gave notice on Tuesday she will move a motion of no confidence against the premier, before peppering her with questions as other Labor MPs heckled. sml世界播

新南威尔士州工党领袖乔迪·麦凯(Jodi McKay)周二发出通知,她将对总理提出不信任动议,然后在其他工党议员的质问中向她提出连珠炮般的问题。sml世界播

'She turned a blind eye to corruption in her government by failing to report her knowledge of Darryl Maguire's business dealings for six-and- a-half years,' Ms McKay said. sml世界播


She accused the premier of being complicit in Mr Maguire's alleged corruption by neglecting her legal obligations to report it to ICAC. sml世界播


Phone calls played at the inquiry proved she knew about his business affairs, Ms McKay said. sml世界播


The motion will be debated on Wednesday straight after question time. sml世界播


But Ms Berejiklian in parliament again insisted she had no inkling her ex-boyfriend's dealings may be dodgy. sml世界播


Ms McKay called the premier delusional as Ms Berejiklian told the parliament she had at all times acted with integrity. sml世界播



NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian during a press conference at NSW Parliament House after giving evidence at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption on October 12, 2020 in Sydney, Australia sml世界播

2020年10月12日,澳大利亚悉尼,新南威尔士州州长格拉迪斯·贝雷吉克利安(Gladys Berejiklian)在新南威尔士州反腐败独立委员会作证后,在新南威尔士州议会大厦举行的新闻发布会上表示sml世界播

'At any stage, had myself or any of my colleagues or the public servants who were in contact with him picked up that there was any wrongdoing, it would have been reported,' she said. sml世界播


'I bet there are times when you thought you could trust someone and you couldn't. sml世界播


'I think everybody would argue, whether or not they choose to support me or believe me, that I was full and frank in my evidence yesterday.' sml世界播


It has been a turbulent month for the Berejiklian government, with Deputy Premier John Barilaro causing headaches for them last parliamentary sitting after he threatened to blow up the coalition over koala policy. sml世界播

对于贝雷吉克利安政府来说,这是动荡的一个月,副总理约翰·巴里拉罗(John Barilaro)在上次议会会议上威胁要在考拉政策上炸毁联合政府后,给他们带来了令人头疼的问题。sml世界播

He too was hit with a no confidence motion bought by Labor, which he survived with the backing of his disappointed Liberal colleagues. sml世界播


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