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Decapitated tech entrepreneur's assistant is indicted by a grand jury on first degree murder charges as it's claimed he stole $50,000 from his boss over three years - including money he transferred AFTER the killing JhP世界播



A grand jury has indicted the assistant of a decapitated tech entrepreneur found dead in his apartment earlier this year on first degree murder charges, after being told that he kept stealing money from him for days after the killing. JhP世界播


Tyrese Haspil, 21, was arrested earlier this year on second degree murder charges in connection with the gruesome killing of his boss,Fahim Saleh, 33. JhP世界播

今年早些时候,21岁的Tyrese Haspil因二级谋杀罪被捕,罪名是与他的老板、33岁的法希姆·萨利赫(Fahim Saleh)被残忍杀害有关。JhP世界播

Saleh's limbless body was found in his apartment on the Lower East Side. Police believe he'd been killed days earlier. JhP世界播


They claimed Haspil was stealing money from him and took more than $50,000 between 2017 and August this year, when the murder happened. JhP世界播


On Tuesday, a grand jury in New York increased the charge Haspil was facing to first degree murder, which is unusual in the state and normally only applies to killings where there are special circumstances like the murders of a police officer. JhP世界播


He pleaded not guilty via video-link.He had already been facing life behind bars. JhP世界播



Tyrese Haspil, 21, (left in July) was arrested earlier this year on second degree murder charges in connection with the gruesome killing of his boss, Fahim Saleh, 33. On Tuesday, a grand jury indicted him on first degree murder charges JhP世界播

今年早些时候,21岁的Tyrese Haspil(7月离开)因二级谋杀罪被捕,罪名是与他33岁的老板法希姆·萨利赫(Fahim Saleh)被残忍杀害有关。周二,一个大陪审团以一级谋杀罪起诉他JhP世界播

The grand jury decided that the special circumstances in this case were that he 'was a witness to a crime committed on a prior occasion and the death was caused for the purpose of preventing the intended victim's testimony in any criminal action or proceeding whether or not such action or proceeding had been commenced'. JhP世界播


In their submission to the grand jury, prosecutors described finding aMakita saw, demolition bags containing body parts, limbs and a Home Depot receipt inside Saleh's home. JhP世界播


They say that over the course of three years, he stole more than $50,000 from Saleh in PayPal and Intuit transfers, and that he kept transferring money to himself four days after Saleh had died. JhP世界播


Haspil pleaded not guilty to second degree murder earlier this year. He remains in custody awaiting trial. JhP世界播


Detectives started investigating Haspil after finding text messages in which Saleh accused Haspil of stealing the money, according to police sources. JhP世界播


Police have not confirmed when the alleged theft occurred and how much money Haspil owed the victim. JhP世界播


Investigators believe Saleh was killed on Monday - a day before his body was found by his cousin inside the apartment. JhP世界播


Saleh was tasered and then stabbed multiple times before being dismembered. JhP世界播



Police found Saleh's limbless body inside his apartment in the luxury Lower East Side building. An apartment in the building is shown above JhP世界播



Police leaving the building on July 14. They found Saleh's limbs in trash bags JhP世界播


Surveillance footage from inside the 265 East Houston apartment building showed Saleh was followed into the elevator by a man - believed to be Haspil - who was wearing a black suit and mask. JhP世界播


Investigators say Saleh, who was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, appeared suspicious when the masked-man fumbled with the elevator, which requires the use of a key fob to operate. JhP世界播


The footage shows the victim collapsing to the ground as the elevator doors opened directly into Saleh's full-floor apartment. The elevator doors then closed and obscured the camera's view of what happened next. JhP世界播


Police have only confirmed that Haspil assaulted his boss. It is not yet clear if Haspil is also accused of killing and dismembering Saleh. JhP世界播



Prosecutors say Haspil had been stealing money from his boss for years JhP世界播


Haspil's credit card was allegedly used after the murder to purchase a power saw and cleaning products at Home Depot. JhP世界播


The card was allegedly also used to pay for travel to and from Saleh's apartment. JhP世界播


When police arrived at the scene, Saleh's torso was found in the corner of his living room and his head, arms, and legs had been separated into plastic bags. JhP世界播


An electric saw that was still plugged in, a vacuum cleaner and cleaning products were found nearby. JhP世界播


When the alleged killer returned the following day to clean up, police believe they may have been interrupted by Saleh's cousin who stopped by to check in on him. JhP世界播


His cousin likely pressed the buzzer of Saleh's apartment before entering the building, alerting the killer and forcing him to abandon his efforts to dispose of the remains. JhP世界播


The killer is believed to have fled the building through a fire escape while his victim's sibling rode the elevator up, police said. JhP世界播


Saleh, who was born in Saudi Arabia but grew up in New York in a Bengali family, bought his luxury apartment for $2.25 million last year, records show. JhP世界播


Police sources said initially they believed the murder was financially motivated and likely the fatal result of a soured business deal. JhP世界播


Prior to the personal assistant's arrest, investigators had been looking into Saleh's business affairs for any possible motives or suspects. JhP世界播


Haspil, who is from Elmont, New York, had worked for Saleh at his investment firm Adventure Capital. JhP世界播

来自纽约埃尔蒙特的哈斯皮尔曾在萨利赫的投资公司Adenture Capital工作过。JhP世界播

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