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Ex-footballer care home worker, 63, who was caught groping and kissing a demetia sufferer, 78, after suspicious colleagues set up GoPro is jailed for five years LY6世界播



An ex-footballer and care home worker has been jailed for groping and kissing a dementia sufferer, 78, after being caught by suspicious colleagues. LY6世界播


Peter Jones, 63, was working as a care worker at at a home in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales at the time of the assault. LY6世界播

袭击发生时,63岁的彼得·琼斯(Peter Jones)正在南威尔士梅瑟尔·蒂德菲尔(Merthror Tydfill)的一户人家担任护理人员。LY6世界播

Other care home workers set up a secret GoPro camera to catch Jones in the act, the court heard, and footage showed him assaulting the woman. LY6世界播


Jones was jailed for five years and three months after admitting to three charges of sexual activity on a person with a mental disorder. LY6世界播



Ex-footballer Peter Jones, 63, was jailed for five years and three months after admitting tothree charges of sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder LY6世界播


Judge Jeremy Jenkins said there was a degree of planning and that it was a gross breach of trust and a sustained attack. LY6世界播

法官杰里米·詹金斯(Jeremy Jenkins)表示,这在一定程度上是有计划的,这是对信任的严重破坏和持续的攻击。LY6世界播

He told Jones: 'You systematically abused an elderly and frail woman in the most cruel way.You took advantage of her situation, she can't tell anyone what happened, only you know that. LY6世界播


'What you did brings shame on hard-working dedicated carers up and down the country.While they are deserving of our praise and thanks, especially at this difficult time, you are deserving of nothing but contempt.' LY6世界播


Staff were suspicious of Jones when he often locked himself in the room with the woman, so they hid the camera and were horrified when they viewed the covertly-filmed footage. LY6世界播


It showed the former semi-professional footballer kissing the woman and sighing 'Oh God' as he stroked her private parts. LY6世界播


The one-minute 43 second video was so disturbing a judge ordered the public gallery at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court to be cleared before it was shown. LY6世界播


Staff at the care home in Merthyr Tydfil were suspicious of experienced carer Jones for two months before setting up the covert camera on June 14. LY6世界播


Police were called in after they gave the footage to managers at the home where Jones had worked for five years. LY6世界播


The victim's daughter broke down in tears as she praised the care home staff who exposed Jones by filming him. LY6世界播


She told the court: 'Most carers are genuine - Peter is one of the few who aren't. LY6世界播


'He will have to live with his guilt, the knowledge of what he's done and the fact he was caught.' LY6世界播



Peter Jones (centre) arrives at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales on October 13. Other care home workers set up a GoPro camera in a resident's room to catch Jones sexually assaulting the woman, 78, with dementia LY6世界播


Jones was an official ambassador for Merthyr Town FC who play in the Southern League Premier Division South, the eighth tier of professional football. LY6世界播


The full-back played in the club's biggest game when they beat Italian Serie A team Atalanta in the European Cup in 1987. LY6世界播


Eugene Hickey, defending, said: 'He has lost his good reputation - his name is now mud. LY6世界播

尤金·希基(Eugene Hickey)辩解说:“他已经失去了良好的声誉--他的名字现在变得肮脏了。”LY6世界播

'His partner of 20 years is not standing by him and he has lost his profession - he will never work in the care industry again.' LY6世界播


Jones, of Merthyr Tydfil, will be on the Sex Offenders Register for life. LY6世界播


On June 30, South Wales Police confirmed officers were investigating an allegation of of sexual assault at the care home. LY6世界播


On July 13, charges against Jones were confirmed during a hearing at Cardiff Magistrate's Court. LY6世界播


Of those charges, three were of allegedlyintentionally touching a woman who is unable to refuse due to a mental disorder, with the touching being sexual. LY6世界播


The fourth was of allegedly intentionally touching a woman who is unable to refuse due to a mental disorder, involving touching the elderly woman's private parts. LY6世界播


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