一些英国公民真的看不起美国公民吗?如果是的话,原因何在? Matt Taylor 的回答火了

2020-11-19 20:04

Is it true that some citizens of the UK look down on citizens of the US? If so, why? Q0t世界播


Answered by: Matt Taylor,former Corporal at Royal Marines (1999-2009) Q0t世界播


Of course they do, but to be honest, I feel as if this question can essentially be answered by another of my answers in response to a broad, sweeping generalization about the English and the Scottish. Q0t世界播


Matt Taylor's answer to What are the social differences between Scotland and England? Q0t世界播

马特·泰勒(Matt Taylor)回答了苏格兰和英格兰之间的社会差异是什么?Q0t世界播

The short version is simply this. Q0t世界播


The world is smaller than ever before, communications are instantaneous, and as such, the world has divided by ideological rather than national lines. Q0t世界播


Brits that have an irrational and pathological hatred for Americans, will, at this moment in time, doubtless be of the left on the political spectrum. Q0t世界播


They hate Americans because Americans elected Donald Trump, and thus, they foolishly believe “Americans” (despite the fact there are 320 million of the fuckers, and some of them are like me, European by birth and only moved here recently) are ideologically similar. Q0t世界播

他们憎恨美国人,因为美国人选择了唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump),因此,他们愚蠢地认为“美国人”(尽管有3.2亿混蛋,其中一些人和我一样,出生在欧洲,最近才搬到这里)在意识形态上是相似的。Q0t世界播

As with all forms of bigotry, it is utterly illogical, they had a bitterly contested election for fucks sake! Even if there was only two political ideologies rather than dozens, it still suggests that the American you take issue with only has a 50% of being that which you despise. Q0t世界播


So Right-wing Europeans and Libertarians that fucking love Trump, will doubtless like Americans, support their foreign policy, their current leaders “America First” policies, and will stop them in pubs and go “I wish our leaders looked out for us like your President does!” Q0t世界播


And lefty Europeans, Guardian readers, Marxists, postmodernist “studies” students and everybody else, will hate Americans because they think they are uncouth, nationalistic, right-wing reactionaries. Q0t世界播


As I said, it is utterly illogical and doesn’t even stand up to a moments critical thought. Q0t世界播


John Locke solved all of this shit centuries ago. Q0t世界播


Ironically, individualism is the key to bringing all nations back together, by uniting everyone around their common values and a reverence for each person to behave as they please while uniting around a loose set of ideals. Q0t世界播


We must strive to cease completely the absurd idea that you can collectivize hundreds of millions of people by anything as trivial as nationality, race, religion, sexuality, gender, or any other immutable characteristic you can name. Q0t世界播


Ultimately we all know my words to be true deep down. For example, Its pretty fashionable to hate on white blokes at the minute, and yet, everybody knows that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump share very little in common! Q0t世界播

归根结底,我们都知道我的话在内心深处是正确的。例如,眼下憎恨白人是相当流行的,然而,每个人都知道伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)和唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)几乎没有共同点!Q0t世界播

To sum up, as I always leave a caption, I shall illustrate the point via this medium. Q0t世界播



“Time to pack up and go home guys… Some middle-class Guardian reader from Islington just said we are all hate black folk!” Q0t世界播


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