关于中世纪战争,有哪些有趣的事实? Dylan McLaren 的回答火了

2020-11-19 14:01

What are some interesting facts about medieval warfare? 92u世界播


Answered by: Dylan McLaren,Studies ancient warfare 92u世界播


For starters, battles were nothing like the chaotic massed charge you see on TV or in a movie. 92u世界播



Time to charge in, boys! Just like last week! 92u世界播


While it certainly makes for great entertainment (and the ensuing chaos provides a convenient chance for main characters and villains to stumble across each other), it’s just poor tactics. There’s no outflanking, no maneuvering, not even any attempt at holding a line! 92u世界播


At that point, there’s really no point in fighting- the side with a better combination of training, numbers, and equipment wins no matter what. Unless the generals don’t know the capabilities of each other side’s soldiers, the “Hollywood Charge” is little more than the elaborate suicide of one side’s entire army 92u世界播


In much of the same vein, the sword was never anyone’s first weapon of choice on the battlefield! One can’t be blamed for not knowing this, as every medieval-themed piece of media created seems hell-bent on portraying swords as these legendary, deadly masterpieces. However, the simple spear was a much more common, and more effective, weapon. 92u世界播


While swords required a great deal of metal to forge, a spear required very little, due to its small tip. In contrast to the years needed to truly learn how to wield a sword properly, a spear could be taught and drilled into conscripts in a matter of weeks. 92u世界播


Most importantly, spears had far greater reach than swords, an incredible advantage most people don’t understand. However, after months of my 5′8 self sparring against a 6′4 guy at my HEMA club, I can confirm that superior reach is a real killer. After all, if you can stab your enemy before he’s even close enough to touch you, you win. 92u世界播



It went like this, only Carl had a sword and still outranged me by far… 92u世界播


Speaking of HEMA, one of my club member’s favorite historical anecdotes is about a Landsknecht, a kind of Germanic mercenary from the 15th and 16th century. See, this guy attacked a castle with his unit, and after surviving the arrow-and-crossbow-bolt-filled advance to the walls, he was the lucky first man up the ladder. 92u世界播


While most sane people would balk at having to climb an exposed structure right into the waiting jaws of an enemy formation, our Landsknecht friend had no such qualms. He scaled the walls, but immediately found himself locked in combat with a minor noble, decked head to toe in near-impenetrable, more-expensive-than-your-life plate armor! 92u世界播


While the rest of the Landesknecht’s allies came raging up the walls, ready to take the castle by storm, our hero had altogether different priorities; over the course of the fight, he managed to knock the noble to the ground, where he simply… sat on the helpless man weighed down by his armor. 92u世界播



“Can you believe this man Sitting on him, instead of helping us take the castle!” 92u世界播


See, a captured noble was already a great prize, as ransoms tended to be quite costly. But a suit of plate armor too? 92u世界播


That was a literal fortune, the Landsknecht was set for life! There was no need for him to risk participating in the rest of the battle any more. After all, the wages he would earn from the battle paled in comparison to the massive profits laying helpless underneath him. 92u世界播


Capturing one man was sometimes more profitable than taking a castle! 92u世界播


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