有没有一种动物的分娩情况比人类还糟糕? Alex Cooper 这样说...

2020-11-19 12:17

Is there an animal that has a worse childbirth than humans? IYt世界播


Answered by: Alex Cooper,Wildlife Enthusiast IYt世界播

回答者:亚历克斯·库珀(Alex Cooper),野生动物爱好者IYt世界播

I’m going to approach this from a different direction, since there are already answers mentioning the female hyena and the “pseudopenis” she gives birth out of, and the kiwi’s huge eggs. IYt世界播


I’ll add the porcupine. The quills are soft at birth and don’t harden until exposed to air. This makes things considerably easier for the mother, but only if porcupettes (yes, adorable name) are born facing the right way. If little Peter Quill comes out backwards, the mother will not have a good time. IYt世界播


Think of it like pulling out a barbed arrow designed to stick in your flesh. Or don’t, if you don’t want that mental picture. (Too late, I suppose. Sorry.) IYt世界播


Those are some of the worst childbirths in terms of discomfort, but how about the worst in terms of… morality? IYt世界播


The Hunger Games — Australian Edition IYt世界播


Everyone loves Tasmanian devils, the cute, cuddly critters that fight each other all the time, get facial tumours, and basically hold their mates hostage during courtship because they’re scared of Mrs Devil finding someone better. (Sadly, female devils will often stay with abusive partners… better the devil you know.) IYt世界播


Well, hard times breed hard marsupials, and devils come into the world fighting for their life from their very first breath. IYt世界播


They don’t look particularly intimidating as babies: IYt世界播



Say that to my face, you flamin’ galah! IYt世界播


The female gives birth to 20–30 (and occasionally as many as 50, according to National Geographic) tiny pups, or “joeys,” who immediately crawl their way from the birth canal to the pouch, where delicious nipples await. IYt世界播


Once a joey latches on, the nipple expands, ensuring that the pup remains attached to a regular supply of nutritious milk for the next 100+ days. IYt世界播


The trouble is, Mrs Devil only possesses four nipples. IYt世界播


Life-giving milk is doled out on a first-come, first-served basis, so there’s a mad dash for dairy delights as soon as the pups are born. IYt世界播


The four winners of the (literal) Hunger Games are set up nicely for the next few months, and they’ll quickly develop in the safety of the pouch. IYt世界播


The unlucky losers will die. IYt世界播


It may sound callous from our own perspectives of morality, but nature doesn’t care that lots of offspring die, as long as enough healthy ones survive to breeding age. (If the devil pups took turns and shared like polite little critters, none of them would get enough milk.) IYt世界播


This method weeds out the weak, sickly offspring right from the start; only the strongest, healthiest and most ruthless devils survive to have a shot of passing on their genes. IYt世界播



Don’t be fooled by a cute appearance; this is a heartless bastard. IYt世界播


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