在商界,人们会互相背后捅刀子吗? Colin Winklevoss 做出了回答

2020-11-19 08:04

Do people backstab each other in the business world? 7UM世界播


Answered by: Colin Winklevoss,Part Time Fitness Trainer (For Fun) at Virgin Active (2018-present) 7UM世界播

回答者:Colin Winklevoss,Virgin Active的兼职健身教练(好玩)(2018年至今)7UM世界播

All the time. The most shocking story I can think of is Jack Dorsey, billionaire founder of Twitter and Square, betraying friend and colleague Noah Glass. 7UM世界播

一直。我能想到的最令人震惊的故事是Twitter和Square的亿万富翁创始人杰克·多尔西(Jack Dorsey)背叛了朋友兼同事诺亚·格拉斯(Noah Glass)。7UM世界播


Jack Dorsey Founder of Twitter, worth $10 billion dollars 7UM世界播

推特(Twitter)创始人杰克·多尔西(Jack Dorsey),身价100亿美元。7UM世界播

The story starts in 2002 with Noah Glass founding Odeo, a company which allowed users to upload voice recordings (so it was mainly used for podcasts). Noah’s neighbor Evan Williams had recently sold another company to Google so had some cash. He bought a large share of Odeo and took over as CEO as he suspected that it would be lucrative. However, in one fell swoop Steve Jobs announced that Apple, specifically the iPod, would support a podcasting station. This rendered Odeo useless. Jack Dorsey was an employee at Odeo, who had dropped out of NYU. 7UM世界播

故事始于2002年诺亚·格拉斯(Noah Glass)创立了Odeo公司,该公司允许用户上传语音录音(因此它主要用于播客)。诺亚的邻居埃文·威廉姆斯(Evan Williams)最近将另一家公司卖给了谷歌(Google),因此有一些现金。他购买了Odeo的大量股份,并接任首席执行官一职,因为他怀疑这会有利可图。然而,史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)一举宣布,苹果(Apple),特别是iPod,将支持播客电台。这让Odeo变得毫无用处。杰克·多西(Jack Dorsey)是奥迪欧(Odeo)的一名员工,他从纽约大学(NYU)退学。7UM世界播

Evan and Noah decided that with one last-ditch attempt they would see what the employees of Odeo themselves could come up with to save Odeo. Jack Dorsey came up with a site where if you texted 404040 you could send your status which your friends could see. Evan laughed at the idea but Noah thought it was interesting. He wanted to see where it could go. That evening Jack and he sat in the car and Jack fully explained the idea. Noah finally got it. 7UM世界播



Evan Williams, worth $3 billion dollars 7UM世界播


Noah and Jack worked on this idea together and the idea matured beautifully. It was definitely both their work. The wanted to call it Twitch but eventually settled for Twitter. 7UM世界播


They presented it to the other Odeo employees. That month Odeo employees racked 100s of dollars of network and sms charges. 7UM世界播



Twitter seemed to be surviving but Noah was worried that Evan would try and kick him out of the company. He confided his fears to Jack who sympathized with him and promised everything would be okay. 7UM世界播


A few days later Noah’s worst fear was confirmed. Evan asked Noah to go for a walk with him and fired him point blank. It would so happen that Evan fired Noah not because he wanted to or had any inclination but because Jack said he would quit unless Evan fired Noah. That evening went and got drunk with Jack who he though was his buddy. He told Jack what had happened and Jack consoled him and told him he would do all he could to get Noah back in. Noah hugged Jack before going home that night. No one is completely sure why Jack Dorsey got Noah kicked out of Twitter, but people (such as myself) suspect that it was so he received all the acclaim clout and of course profit that came with Twitter. 7UM世界播


Twitter grew rapidly after a plane crashed into the Hudson after the news broke first on Twitter. Now politicians and celebrities all over the world use twitter. 7UM世界播


Jack Dorsey is worth $10 billion. Noah Glass is left with 43000 followers on Twitter and a sad bio. 7UM世界播



A horrifying story… . check out 7UM世界播


Colin Winklevoss's answer to What's the most tragic business mistake someone made? 7UM世界播

科林·温克莱沃斯(Colin Winklevoss)回答了人们犯下的最悲惨的商业错误是什么?7UM世界播

(Not so) Fun Fact 1 7UM世界播


Evan was prosecuted for defrauding investors. He told investors that Twitter would most likely flop and convinced most of them to sell back their shares. Many investors are now bitter and some have tried suing Williams. Its hard to believe Evan didn’t realise Twitter would take off after employees rack up so much on sms bills. 7UM世界播


On Jack Dorsey Now… 7UM世界播


Many people have pointed out his generosity etc during covid and to his employees. This is all true. But splashing out a bit of cash when you are rich is different to being a good person when you are poorer. I do not want to put words in peoples mouths, please form your own opinion about Dorsey but the above story is unopinionated and true. Its possible that we are seeing a different side now or he has grown mature etc. No one is just good or bad. 7UM世界播


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