威廉认为哈里不尊重君主制和女王吗?这就是为什么他们似乎不再亲近的原因吗? Paula Berge 的回答火了

2020-10-28 00:29

Does William think Harry has disrespected the monarchy and the Queen, and is that why they don't seem to be close to each other anymore? qyY世界播


Answered by: Paula Berge qyY世界播

回答者:Paula BergeqyY世界播

Although quite significant, only part of it. The reason why the brothers drifted apart is due to Harry rushing into the marriage with Meghan Markle. William with knowledge of the procedure and the challenges marrying into the BRF, was looking out for his younger brother. He knows him best and that he has a past of irrational behaviour. Not only was William concerned, but also Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh, Harry’s best buddy Skippy, and even his uncle the Earl of Spencer. qyY世界播


When a commoner marry’s a Royal whether it is in in UK or any other Monarchy in Europe, and are one in line of succession, it is often wize and well meant to allow the newcomer adjust to their future situation. qyY世界播


Meghan Markle from California has admitted herself to knowing little about Prince Harry and the royals in the engagement interview. In recent months she also states that she knew little of the Commonwealth, even though she spent seven years living in Canada. qyY世界播


One could ask then ask the question - Why would she want to get married so fast herself, without getting to know her new landsmen, a new culture that differ so entirely from the one she was raised in, without focusing on learning more about her future role. When she met the Prince, she was was 35 years old, and already had a marriage behind her. Surely she realized that the royals are not celebrities as in Hollywood, where many goin and out of several marriages, and that one should be prepared and committed to the task of supporting her husband, 6th in line to the British throne. qyY世界播


William and Harry were raised by both parents to be loyal to the Queen. Even Diana, living fifteen years in a very complicated marriage from the age of twenty, performed her duties as a wife, mother and senior member of the BRF. She carved her own path for her boys and managed to ruffle quite a few feathers. The boys got to see many sides of life, which ‘’not all royals’’ in the UK get to see. She took them to visit the homeless and the poor. They ate at MacDonalds, went to local cinema’s and visited amusement parks. She attended school functions, and ran and compete in the grass with the other Mums from her boys classes. qyY世界播


This is very British and the boys had a good upbringing and learnt impecible manners. qyY世界播


From an early age she prepared both of her boys for their roles, and emphasized the importance of supporting each other. Harry has destroyed this relationship by deceiving his 94 year old grandmother - disappointing his 99 year old grandfather, speaking out in public about his relationship with his brother, which is a very disloyal thing to do. qyY世界播


He has even allowed his wife, MM to leak false and damaging information to social media, authors of a book, Tatler magazine etc, attacking Catherine in a very spiteful manner. This would be the final straw for Prince William, and any future relationship he ever would extend with his brother. qyY世界播


The Sussexes need to clean up their own mess and take responsibility for their relationship, without involving and blaming other members of the BRF. Personally I think that Prince Harry should have seen the ‘’ red flags’’ and listened to his older brother. He looks downright miserable and unhappy these days. qyY世界播











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