梅根·马克尔对哈里王子的占有欲有多强? Deanna Eppers 做出了回答

2020-10-25 12:35

How possessive is Meghan Markle to Prince Harry? BOQ世界播


Answered by: Deanna Eppers,British royal family follower BOQ世界播

回答者:英国王室追随者迪安娜·埃普斯(Deanna Eppers)BOQ世界播

Meghan to Harry, as in does she let him do things? Meghan tells Harry when to breathe. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit far, but she’s fairly controlling. Meghan is the one who wanted to get married, and look at Harry. Married, and I’m not saying happily. But he married her. Meghan told him to drop his friends, though I’m sure it was couched in a more motivational speech, “I just get the feeling your friends don’t like me, so I’m not going there with them.” BOQ世界播


Then Harry could have answered, “Well, have a great time alone. I’m heading out for a night of fun.” But the lad doesn’t do that. Why? Is it a Pavlovian response now? Did she have to train Harry to give in to her? Does Meghan turn into a shrew when she doesn’t get her way? BOQ世界播



I’ve heard that a super fake, very sketchy book is coming out about Prince William and Harry, and it makes William look not so nice. Hell, the author blames William for Harry being a nazi for a party. Uhm, sorry, no. What my younger brother did at a party or alone in his room was not my responsibility. In fact, he was never my responsibility. I think the author messed that up. It fell to Diana and Prince Charles, not Prince William, ever. So if Harry is f’ed up, it’s all on him, since he was/is an adult now who cannot blame others for his messes. BOQ世界播


Prince William isn’t the one yelling. Meghan Markle screams! A story went around about how much a shrew she was on her Australian (vacation… .which is how she saw it, she’s such a dolt) tour, and the woman screamed to get her way. Sounds like Harry should have bought ear plugs, shoved them in and gone out with his friends. Meghan is controlling. Yes. Meghan wants to control Harry to the point where he ghosted friends, family, job and finally stripped the dude of his country. BOQ世界播



You do realize we are watching a sad but very real joke in the making? Meghan took the prince and kissed him and turned him into a toad. A very boring, bland, slightly greenish, oh wait, that’s was from her outfit at their last royal event. Anyway, Meghan changed her husband into a boring, old man who tells people the UK is unconsciously racist. That’ll win you friends in no time, Harry! Keep it up old boy! Tell people how rotten they are! Do it, please! For Meghan? Yes. BOQ世界播


Harry gave into her wishes, though I think it’s because of the juicy deets she has on him, so he’s in Santa Barbara, with the nanny for a kid no one has seen or spotted anywhere near the couple, and he has no job, no friends, though reports of his drinking nights with Adele were rather fun to read. Meghan stopped that, just in case you worried Harry was starting to actually have a life separate from Meg. No! not yet! she’s still needs his titles. BOQ世界播




I cannot find the image of Meg stretching to stop Harry from leaving her touch. It’s been scrubbed off the public domain. BOQ世界播



Meghan pushing Harry away from the man in the wheelchair. BOQ世界播



But Harry is quite alone. Adrift. Despondent. And he’s lost his coveted honorary military honor, handed to hm by Queen Elizabeth, who has handed it to a true British royal, Prince William! Sounds like he’s to be named the new Captain General of the Royal Marines! I don’t think Catherine is going to try and hold William’s hand whilst he greets people. Or rub his back Meghan-style, which is code for, “move out of the way for… ..moi!” And nary a thank you from Meg, too. How rude. BOQ世界播


I know. You think Meghan loves Harry so much more. Then why did they sleep in different bedrooms in Africa? Australia? Why? All the hand holding in the world doesn’t mean a couple is in love. In fact, it screams of fear and insecurity. You seriously must see the photos of Meghan streeeeeetching her arm to the absolute limit, I thought she was Gumby, while Harry greeted someone at the Endeavor Awards event. She stood, with that slightly crazy smile plastered on her face, not letting go, because. Well, because she is controlling, unkind and uncouth. BOQ世界播



Meghan couldn’t make it as a royal because she knew she was out of her league when it came to utensils on the dining table? No, she didn’t make it that far, love. Meghan was raised by two very interesting people, was not taught manners, and she felt out of her depth, which she absolutely was. She can play happy duchess for fifteen minutes, and then she wanted to go home and curl up with her jewels and titles that keep her greedy heart warm. BOQ世界播


Harry ultimately gave into Meghan. Why she pursued the prince for two years before he succumbed to her, uhm, charms? Is that the way it happened? Harry gave in. To Meghan. No one held a gun to his head. Threats? Maybe? Possibly. Why rule that out? But he caved. And now Harry is so used to serving his queen, Meghan, that he’s utterly oblivious to the snickers and giggling behind his back. She’s using him, big time. BOQ世界播



Why aren’t they grabbing each other? Just hold the man’s hand, Meghan. Something looks amiss. Is their marriage in trouble? Where’s the love? BOQ世界播


One last thing. Netflix wants Meghan and Harry to spill the tea on their time as royals. I hope that’s a puff piece report and nothing more. They will be expected to come up with something having to do with their royalty, since they are the Duchess and Duke of Sussex, and that means something to some of the Netflix power players. If this happens, I think the word, Sussex, will be removed. We’ll see. What Meghan wants, Meghan gets. Or so I’ve heard. BOQ世界播


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