如果地球是卡戴舍夫等级的第四类文明,你会怎么描述它? Martin Vratny 做出了回答

2020-10-14 18:17

How would you describe Earth, if it was a Type IV civilization on the Kardashev Scale? 9fb世界播


Answered by: Martin Vratny,Always honest, sometimes brutally. 9fb世界播


Type 4 is beyond insane. 9fb世界播


“Type 4 and 5 Kardashev Rating: The most straightforward extension of the scale to even more hypothetical Type IV beings who can control or use the entire universe or Type V who control collections of universes. The power output of the visible universe is within a few orders of magnitude of 10(to 45)W. Such a civilization approaches or surpasses the limits of speculation based on current scientific understanding, and may not be possible.” 9fb世界播



They would build Dyson Spheres just for the hell of it. You’d need to mine at least 100 solar systems to their bones, but why not… They’d rearrange galaxies to make them pretty… 9fb世界播


One could argue, that if Type 3 controls their home galaxy, type 4 should control a cluster, or supercluster, but whatever… It is crazy one way or another. 9fb世界播


If humanity were to reach Type 4 (or even 3), Earth would be a Universal Preserve full of old, restored cities and technology. So that the humans can see how their primitive ancestors used to live, where they came from. 9fb世界播


Our future selves would probably stop the Sun from expanding, and rearanged the continents back to the original configuration in which they were, back when humans used to live on it. Why? Because they can. Also, because “It is our duty to preserve history!” 9fb世界播


And Humans and other species alike would come from all around the universe, to see where did the current masters of all creation come from. They would look upon our mighty cities, and our supersonic jets in awe. Not understanding how we managed to survive in such harsh conditions. 9fb世界播


For, by the time Type 4 civilisation rolls around, living on planets will be passé. I mean, you could still do it if you wanted to, but why would you? You can still live in a cave, but you won’t. 9fb世界播


Our modernest technology. The Gerald Ford Class: 9fb世界播



The Gigafactory, building that doubled the global production of batteries: 9fb世界播



Our mind-controlled prosthetics: 9fb世界播



They would look at the dig sites and restorations, and see what we now see in this: 9fb世界播



Or, depending on how fast the evolution will move in the future, perhaps not even that. Something more along the lines of: 9fb世界播



And they would think “Oh, those cheeky monkeys. Weren’t they so clever, using *insert any currently modern technology to replace stick for eating ants.*” 9fb世界播


Except, they would hardly speak English. Or speak, at all. Hell, if the future-humanity controls the universe, they might not even have physical bodies anymore. Or they do, just for funzies. And when it dies on them, they just get a new one. 9fb世界播


So, what would the Earth look like? 9fb世界播


Like this 9fb世界播



Only with floating holographic border that reads, in a scrolling text: 9fb世界播


“… Do not litter... Leave the place in better condition than you found it… Enjoy your stay!…” 9fb世界播


Do you want to know more? 9fb世界播


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