如果我知道我丈夫有外遇,我应该和他待在一起吗?我们有两个孩子,一个2岁的儿子和一个4.5个月大的女儿。 Jordan Myers 做出了回答

2020-10-14 18:01

Should I stay with my husband if I KNOW he’s cheating? We have 2 kids together a 2 year old son and a 4.5 month old daughter. FQF世界播


Answered by: Jordan Myers FQF世界播

回答者:乔丹·迈尔斯(Jordan Myers)FQF世界播

Should I stay with my husband if I KNOW he’s cheating? We have 2 kids together a 2 year old son and a 4.5 month old daughter. FQF世界播


Hi. I'm Jordan, I'm 13. My step dad was on a military trip for 2 months… That was the longest he could go without sex appently. I asked this man to adopt me when I was 7. He would deal with my bullys in elementary school. He would also take us on fun trips. Everything was great. However, Once we (me, my mom, and my little sister) accepted him into the family, he stopped being a nice guy. He would always be in a shitty mood when he got home from work. He would yell at us for not doing chores good enough. He even made us get rid of our dog. Me and my sister saw everything that was going on, but my mom couldn't. She was blind to his crule demeanor. In 2017, he got a job offer in Virginia… he took it. He dragged us across the country away from my friends, my family, everything I ever knew. We packed up our things and moved from New Mexico to Virginia. We are currently living In a shitty house that is falling apart. There are maggots in the air ducts, the fence is broken, the landlord half asses every fucking thing. I hate it here. The only joy that I get from here is my ONLY FRIEND and my horse stable. FQF世界播


Now on to the whole point of this story. Last summer my step siblings came to live with us for the summer. (keep in mind that these children don't listen to a word any of us say. They are disrespectful and ungrateful. They are always sabatoging our plans and are constantly breaking our shit just to make us angry. These kids litterly made me contemplate suicide.) when the children came, my step father had to leave on a trip… for 2 months. We were stuck with 3 devil spawns for 2 months while my step dad was off fucking some girl in Missouri. My mom was suspicious because he stopped answering the phone when the 2nd month started. She brushed it off and assumed he was really busy with work (as that was the whole reason he was there) The day he got back was his 33rd birthday. My mom made him an amazing birthday party. She brought all of his favorite things,yet, the whole night he kept going up and down the stairs. He would come hang out for about 5 mins, then he would disappear for 30. This cycle continued all night long until all the guests left. He was drunk, passed out on the bed when his phone dinged. My mom looked at it… Sure enough, it was her. My mom told her that he was married… .the girl felt bad as she didn't know he had a family. FQF世界播


I woke up the next morning to my mom laying in my bed next to me. Once I woke up she made me some coffee, grabbed my sister, and we left to my stable before we could eat. She explained everything to us in the car. Here are Some key points FQF世界播


He cheated; she said that they already said “I love you” FQF世界播


We are moving back home to NM FQF世界播


We are taking his dog since he made us get rid of ours FQF世界播


So I rode my horse to the best of my ability until I had to get off and leave. I couldn't stop thinking about leaving. I hated it here but I would have to leave my horse and my best friend here… Alone. FQF世界播


The rest of this story is just jibberish and a pain in the ass to type so I'll tell you straight up… LEAVE HIS ASS. my mom went back to the asshole after he said “I'll change”. News flash, they “change” for about 3 months… Then they go back to their old selves. My mom now let's him parent me and I hate it. I hate everything about this. I have to deal with his horrible children during all my favorite holidays. I have to deal with his BS ALL the time. Just leave him, he doesn't deserve you. YOUR KIDS WILL THANK YOU. FQF世界播


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