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2020-10-14 15:26

Why dont certain restaurants share their secret menu with their patrons who could potentially become a lifelong customer? 6CI粥


Answered by: Terry Lo,A foodie, former restaurateur, and a not bad home cook. 6CI粥

شǣTerry LoһλʳңǰDz͹ϰ壬Ҳһļͥʦ6CI粥

For the very few that actually have a secret menu, most notably In-N-Out Burger, its really more of a marketing thing. Every secret menu tends to have been created by the customers themselves, and it gets used so often that some restaurants play along with it. 6CI粥


For example again, heres the In-N-Out not so secret menu page. 6CI粥

磬In-N-OutNot So Secret Menuҳ档6CI粥


I cant even guess how many people have purposely scoured the net, reddit, 4chan, google and so on to try and find out what is the In-N-Out secret menu. If anything, this secret menu actually got In-N-Out thousands to even millions of diners who wanted to know what was the big deal. 6CI粥


In the end, it really comes down to marketing by the fans. Its the fans who come up with all sorts of secret menus, and if the restaurant is clever enough, it will pick it up and quietly deny it yet still hint it exists like its a great secret. Its simply fun. 6CI粥


PS: Actually there is KINDA a secret menu in a LOT of Chinese restaurants in the West. Back in the older days, Western tastes for Chinese food was very industrialized and super sweet, like what you would find in a Panda Express. So, they would have a second secret menu of real Chinese food from home, and written entirely in Chinese. 6CI粥


In recent years, Western tastes have improved in this aspects and a lot of the restaurants have been translating their secret menu so Westerners can try the food. But, there are still quite a few that have their secret menu for mainly Chinese diners. 6CI粥


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