你认为特朗普将如何度过他在白宫的最后几天? Dallas Mitchell 这样说...

2020-10-14 12:25

How do you think Trump will spend his final days in the White House? SeT世界播


Answered by: Dallas Mitchell SeT世界播


It will probably go down something like this. SeT世界播


November 3—Joe Biden wins the election with a decisive win—not a razor thin win like the 2000 presidential election. SeT世界播

11月3日-乔·拜登(Joe Biden)以决定性的胜利赢得选举-而不是像2000年总统选举那样微不足道的胜利。SeT世界播

Trump refuses to concede. He will try to declare the election null and void, insist millions of illegal aliens voted, and he will litigate. SeT世界播


He will have Bill Barr sue in multiple states—at least enough to give him 270 electoral votes. If Barr refuses (which seems unlikely) Trump will have his personal lawyers do this. He will sue in every state that was close, claiming there was cheating, and it was rigged for Biden. SeT世界播


He will be constantly tweeting about how unfair it all is to him, and repeat and retweet every imaginable conspiracy theory—and insist his lawyers use that in their litigation. The RNC will probably go along with it, and he may insist they use their lawyers too. SeT世界播


He will refuse to concede, and will come unhinged. He will execute his office in an unpredictable manner—trying to bargain with the opposition, the courts, the public. He’ll sign executive orders with no legal force, declaring the election null and void, and randomly promising anything to anyone and everyone. He’ll order Barr to arrest Joe Biden (which he apparently has already done), and if Barr does not he might even fire Barr and try to find another henchman. Any actual efforts to do so will be swiftly over-turned by the courts—even packed with conservatives. SeT世界播


The suits will move very quickly up through the judicial system, even with Trump trying to slow it down. If it’s just one state in the balance, like Florida in 2000, SCOTUS will find a way to give Trump his victory through judicial fiat. If it’s multiple states and not close, even the majority of SCOTUS, packed with partisan activists, will have a hard time over-turning the election. SeT世界播


This is Trump’s plan. He is counting on SCOTUS to ensure his “reelection”. If they do not go along with it, he will rage against them, call for investigations into the justices who voted against him, and try to order Barr to arrest them. SCOTUS justices who voted against him will also be receiving numerous threats, including death threats from his supporters. SeT世界播


Trump will claim it’s all too close—that the election is a virtual tie—especially considering supposed Democratic cheating, and demand that it must go to the House, where each state gets one vote, ensuring his win. SeT世界播


He will demand that states Biden won (assuming he does) with Republican governments, such as Arizona and Florida—seat a group of Trump electors instead of Democratic electors, defying their state’s voters. States with Republican governors that Biden wins, Trump will demand the state’s Secretary of State certify him the winner instead of Biden. SeT世界播


Trump may try to prevent the electoral college from meeting. When the US senate meets to count the electoral votes, he will demand the Republican majority simply declare him the winner in spite of the electoral vote counts. SeT世界播


If democracy in our country survives this shitshow, and it’s clear Trump is going to be out on January 20, he will call upon through Tweet for his adoring cult fans to rise up and “LIBERATE THE COUNTRY!!!!” Hopefully Twitter has the good sense to shut down his account around this time, before it blows up. SeT世界播


This whole time, Trump supporters will be marching and protesting with guns—stirred up more and more from his periodic Tweets about the radical Democrats, and how they will take your guns, ruin the country, and it’s a coup and so on. There will be sporadic violence, a few shootings, possibly a bomb here and there at mass media outlets and Democratic senators, governors, etc. This will all continue through January 20. SeT世界播


Also between November and January, Trump will try to find ways to carry out revenge—he will try to order the IRS to conduct audits on his enemies, or order Barr to file charges or arrest people, try to get the FCC to revoke licenses to various media outlets, or threaten his enemies through Tweet knowing his followers will threaten them. SeT世界播


Another of Trump’s priorities will be to try to find last minute ways to enrich himself. Look for a flood of pardons in the last few days—and if investigated, it will be found that these pardons were actually SOLD to the recipients. Trump will try in his final weeks to milk every last drop he can out of US taxpayers. Subsequent investigations will reveal jaw-dropping, blatant corruption. SeT世界播


Trump will never accept defeat or concede—he will be rage-tweeting at 3 a.m. his final night in office. The night before his final day in office the White House staff will have boxed up all his belongings, and someone will have drawn the unlucky straw to ask Trump where to send it all—and he will yell at them, and threaten to fire them. They’ll just send it to his address of record—probably Trump Tower. SeT世界播


At around this time—he will become the first president to attempt to issue himself a pardon. He will issue a blanket pardon for himself, and attempt to make the pardon cover state crimes as well. He will also pardon Jared, Ivanka, and maybe Don Jr. These pardons may not even be announced, but they probably will, because the man has a big mouth and can’t shut up about anything. He will claim his pardon power is absolute. SeT世界播


There will be no turnover, no graceful concession, no effort for a smooth transition. The day Biden takes office, Trump will not be there. He will have boarded an early morning flight to Florida on his way to Mar-a-Lago. SeT世界播


During all this time—his health will suffer. He will be in terrible and failing health, and creditors and prosecutors will be circling and descending like vultures once he is no longer in office. Some suggest that he’ll take Air Force One to Moscow, but I don’t think Putin would have him. He would be too much trouble, and he is no longer useful once he’s out of office—”oh, and Comrade Trumpski—those loans are due and payable—NOW.” SeT世界播


Trump may try to give Putin some last minute gifts in return for debt forgiveness from Putin, like a withdrawal from NATO—but at that point I think everyone will ignore it. SeT世界播


In spite of Trump’s devoted cult, I believe that after he is out of office, interest in Trump is going to plummet with astonishing speed. He will always have a small base of devoted supporters who dearly love him, but they will all be looking for the next Big Conservative Thing and will have moved on to focus on hating Biden. Trump will no longer be as newsworthy, and the news will stop covering him. The evangelicals will no longer be interested in him, since he cannot give them any more judges to enact their social agenda through judicial fiat. SeT世界播


He will not be able to get a reality TV show, or a spot on Fox News—he is too undisciplined, too unhinged, too difficult to manage. His name is now toxic, and he won’t be able to make any more money on it. In fact, the tenants in buildings with his name have been petitioning to rename the building. He won’t be able to get any loans, not even through Deutchesbank, since the Russians will no longer have any interest in backing those loans. SeT世界播

他将无法获得真人秀节目或福克斯新闻(Fox News)的一席之地-他太无纪律,太精神错乱,太难管理。他的名字现在是有毒的,他再也赚不到钱了。事实上,以他的名字命名的大楼的租户一直在请愿,要求给大楼重新命名。他将无法获得任何贷款,即使是通过德意志银行,因为俄罗斯人将不再有任何兴趣支持这些贷款。SeT世界播

He will face a “Legal Hellscape” when he leaves office—and may be under multiple indictments in a number of states. Unable to get Russian loans, he’ll have to liquidate his assets just to cover his massive legal bills. The stress of all this, along with his poor sleeping habits, and terrible diet will begin to tell. SeT世界播


His health will collapse, and he will probably die younger than his parents, possibly within ten years. His kids, also in legal jeopardy, might be in jail when he dies and is buried. Probably a few hardcore supporters will show up in their MAGA hats at his funeral. SeT世界播


Of course, it’s also possible his efforts to stay in office may succeed, and democracy in America might slip away from us. SeT世界播


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