牧师约翰·麦克阿瑟表示,任何真正相信基督的人都会在11月投票给唐纳德·特朗普。人们对此有何感想? Jerry Olsen 做出了回答

2020-10-14 08:03

Pastor John MacArthur has stated that any true believer in Christ will vote for Donald Trump in November. How do people feel about that? Jcg世界播


Answered by: Jerry Olsen,B.S. Mathematics & Computer Science Jcg世界播

回答者:Jerry Olsen,数学与计算机科学学士Jcg世界播

I’m a Christian who once attended Grace Community Church (where John MacArthur is Pastor) for about 20 years. MacArthur has long been considered a respected Bible teacher. Jcg世界播


Here are some bits from a MacArthur sermon called “The Destructive Sin of Lying”: Jcg世界播


In the last several weeks, as a nation (and certainly across the world) we have been overexposed to the extensive pattern of deception and lying engaged in by our president. To put it mildly, this is greatly disappointing to all of us who would have hoped that a man of character and a man of conviction and a man of integrity would have arisen to such a prominent and critical place of leadership. Jcg世界播


What we have come to find out, however, is that we have a man in the White House who has for his life a habit in which he has engaged and that habit is a habit of lying and deception and hypocrisy. Some of that evidence is known to all of us. There is even other evidence that is known to some of us because of private conversations with people behind the scenes. Suffice it to say everybody across the world now, to one degree or another, is aware that this is a leader who is a liar. Jcg世界播


The extent of the lying is amazingly widespread. The president, on a number of occasions, has denied ever encouraging anyone else to lie. And yet, in seeking the aid of everybody close to him to help him carry out the deception, he has brought all the people who touch his life into the potential category of joining him in the lie. His wife has lied for him, his friends, his cabinet, his White House staff, loyalists, the media has lied for him, congressmen have lied for him, senators have lied for him. He has lied and deceived, and he has embroiled all kinds of people in lies and deception. Jcg世界播


… Now, the people in this country don’t seem to think this serious. But I’m not really interested in their opinion, for the moment. What I would like to know is what does God think about this? What has He said about it? To put it simply, to have a ruler who is a liar is an extremely serious matter. In Proverbs 29:12, God says, “If a ruler is given to lies” - this is translated a number of ways, but this is the basic Hebrew of it, “If a ruler is given to lies, all his servants become wicked.” We would put that in the simple category of “birds of a feather” - what? - “flock together.” Jcg世界播


When a ruler is given to lies, he will accumulate around him people who can tolerate lying. A corrupt leader draws around him corrupt people. Allow lies, and you will be tolerated and surrounded by liars. It’s frightening to think about the possibility that the president might remain in office and then to ask the question “What kind of people, given the knowledge of his deception and lies, would want to be a part of his staff?” Jcg世界播


Seems pretty accurate right? It sure sounds like MacArthur is adamant that a Christian should not support a President who lies! Jcg世界播


Note that this was a sermon he taught in 1998 in reference to Bill Clinton. If anything, it is much more applicable now regarding the serial adulterer and liar Donald Trump. Jcg世界播

请注意,这是他在1998年讲授的一篇关于比尔·克林顿的布道。如果说有什么不同的话,那就是现在对于连环通奸和骗子唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)来说,这一点更适用。Jcg世界播

I was deeply disappointed when I learned four years ago that MacArthur threw his support behind Donald Trump, brushing aside his many adulteries, swindles, and lies. It struck me as blatant hypocrisy, considering his earlier remarks about Clinton. Jcg世界播


Now, I am beyond disappointment. I am shocked that he has made this statement equating the eternal salvation through Christ with voting Republican! I consider it blasphemous, and at some level (at least based on his other teachings in the past), MacArthur knows better than to say this. Jcg世界播


Donald Trump is clearly an extremely vulgar man posing as a Christian for political gain. He seeks and receives support from prominent Christian leaders (Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, James Dobson, David Jeremiah, and now John MacArthur). He has a “Spiritual Advisor” who is a nutjob named Paula White who has said, “To say no to President Trump would be saying no to God”! Even MacArthur has called her a heretic. Trump welcomes having Christian leaders ascribe to him Christ-like terms (e.g. “the anointed one”). He went to great lengths to have a photo taken of himself standing in front of a church holding up a Bible. This is flagrant pandering to Christians. Jcg世界播

唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)显然是一个为了政治利益而冒充基督徒的极其粗俗的人。他寻求并接受了杰出的基督教领袖(小杰里·福尔韦尔,富兰克林·格雷厄姆,詹姆斯·多布森,大卫·耶利米,现在是约翰·麦克阿瑟)的支持。他有一位名叫保拉·怀特(Paula White)的疯子,他有一位“精神顾问”,他说:“对特朗普总统说不,就是对上帝说不!”就连麦克阿瑟也称她为异教徒。特朗普欢迎基督教领袖将类似基督的术语归因于他(例如,“受膏者”)。他不遗余力地让人拍了一张自己站在教堂前举着一本圣经的照片。这是明目张胆地迎合基督徒。Jcg世界播

According to the Bible, Christians are supposed to denounce and expel lying false Christians like this because if we accept and uphold them, we will corrupt the church. Jcg世界播


Allowing this corruption of the church clearly dishonors Christ, but now MacArthur is saying that this is what “all true Christians must do”. Jcg世界播


MacArthur justifies his statement primarily by citing the abortion issue. I addressed my stance on that here: Jerry Olsen's answer to How has Donald Trump changed you? Jcg世界播

麦克阿瑟主要以堕胎问题为自己的说法辩护。我在这里阐述了我的立场:杰里·奥尔森(Jerry Olsen)对唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)如何改变你的回答?Jcg世界播

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