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Two Covid tests for students in England before quick Christmas exit 0mU世界播



Students in England will be urged to take two Covid tests three days apart, to cut the risk of spreading infection when they travel home for Christmas. 0mU世界播


These are lateral flow tests with rapid results - with those testing negative expected to leave university within the following 24 hours, according to the latest guidelines seen by the BBC. 0mU世界播


The pre-Christmas testing will start in many universities early next week. 0mU世界播


But testing will remain voluntary - and not all universities will offer tests. 0mU世界播


The National Union of Students said there should be capacity for all students who wanted a test to get one before Christmas. 0mU世界播


Student migration 0mU世界播


It is understood that most universities, but not all, are taking part in the government's plans for the mass testing of students using lateral flow tests, starting on 30 November. 0mU世界播



Students will be encouraged to take two tests 0mU世界播


Durham University, which has piloted testing, says about 2,000 students have already booked tests ahead of the Christmas departures. 0mU世界播

达勒姆大学(Durham University)已经试行了测试,该校表示,大约2000名学生已经在圣诞节出发前预订了测试。0mU世界播

The government guidelines recommend a double test to increase accuracy, three days apart, in the form of swab tests administered by the students themselves, at centres being set up by universities. 0mU世界播


The results will be sent by text or email - with students who are not infected expected to leave their term-time accommodation "immediately", which is defined as within 24 hours of the second negative test. 0mU世界播


Getting students to leave soon after they get results is intended to cut the risk of infections post-testing. 0mU世界播


"The closer to your travel time the better," says Professor Jacqui Ramagge, who is leading on testing for Durham University. 0mU世界播

达勒姆大学(Durham University)的测试负责人雅基·拉马格(Jacqui Ramagge)教授说:“离你的旅行时间越近越好。”0mU世界播

'Travel window' 0mU世界播


Ministers are urging students to take Covid tests before travelling, as a way of protecting their families, but it is not compulsory and not all universities will offer the testing. 0mU世界播


Those who do not take tests, or only have one test, will still be able to leave at the same time - with an encouragement to "travel home as safely as possible" during the "travel window" of 3 to 9 December, which the government has identified as when it expects most students to leave university for Christmas. 0mU世界播





This will be after the current lockdown ends on 2 December, and ahead of universities switching to online teaching for the end of term. 0mU世界播


Students who test positive will be directed towards taking another type of test - a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test to confirm whether they are infected - and will have to stay and self-isolate while waiting for the result. 0mU世界播


But those who test positive from this PCR test will be required to stay in their term-time accommodation for 10 days of self-isolation - which should still leave enough time to get back before Christmas. 0mU世界播



The "window" for students to travel home begins from 3 December 0mU世界播


Teesside University is among those opening testing centres from 30 November - and is encouraging students to book for two lateral flow tests at its Middlesbrough campus. 0mU世界播

蒂赛德大学(Teesside University)是从11月30日开始开设测试中心的大学之一,该大学鼓励学生预订米德尔斯堡校区的两个侧向水流测试。0mU世界播

Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Mark Simpson said it would provide a "quick and easy testing option to our students and enable them to make an informed decision about returning home for the upcoming Christmas break". 0mU世界播

副校长马克·辛普森(Mark Simpson)教授表示,这将为我们的学生提供一个快速而简单的测试选择,使他们能够在知情的情况下做出回家过即将到来的圣诞节的决定。0mU世界播

He said it would help to address the "considerable anxiety and a need for reassurance" about the safety of travel ahead of the end of term. 0mU世界播


Universities Minister Michelle Donelan said: "Testing will offer further assurances that students can keep their families safe this winter, and I urge all students who can to take the tests on offer." 0mU世界播


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