Blue Apron正在出售一款带有丰盛盛宴的感恩盒

2020-11-19 07:35

Blue Apron Introduces Its First-Ever Thanksgiving Box to Make Your Holiday Cooking Easy This Year ifg世界播

Blue Apron推出其有史以来第一个感恩盒,让您今年的假日烹饪变得轻松。ifg世界播


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Juicy turkey baking in the oven; homemade cranberry sauce simmering on the stove; creamy mashed potatoes; flavorful green bean casserole; and flaky, buttery rolls just waiting to be devoured: Thanksgiving really is one of the best holidays! I would be lying if I said I wasn't going to miss my parents' and my grandparents' cooking this year (2020 strikes again and I won't be going home), but just because we aren't having a big family celebration doesn't mean we can't still enjoy a fantastic Thanksgiving feast. Thanks to the experts at Blue Apron, you can have an easy yet delicious meal when you order their first ever Thanksgiving box! ifg世界播

多汁的火鸡在烤箱里烤;自制的蔓越莓酱在炉子上炖;奶油味的土豆泥;美味的绿豆砂锅;松脆的黄油面包等着被吃掉:感恩节真的是最好的节日之一!如果我说今年我不会错过父母和祖父母的烹饪(2020年又来了,我就不会回家了),那我就是在撒谎,但仅仅因为我们没有举行大型的家庭庆祝活动,并不意味着我们不能享受一顿美妙的感恩节盛宴。多亏了Blue Apron的专家,当你第一次订购感恩节盒子时,你就可以吃到一顿简单而美味的饭了!ifg世界播

The Thanksgiving box includes recipes and ingredients designed by award-winning chef Edourado Jordan, and they're inspired by his southern heritage. Each box, which feeds six to eight people, will include a step-by-step guide on how to prepare and cook your meal, meaning you'll have more time to enjoy the day and spend less time stressing about the perfect meal. ifg世界播


You have two options: order the full turkey dinner or just grab mix-and-match dishes. The full Thanksgiving dinner ($135) includes a spice-roasted turkey with sage gravy and cranberry relish, cheddar mashed potatoes, cheesy cornbread pudding, ginger-honey glazed carrots, braised collard greens, and a maple-peanut apple and persimmon crumble. The mix-and-match dishes include a premium spiced-rubbed pork roast with sage gravy, cranberry relish, and cheddar mashed potatoes ($70), as well as optional side dish add-ons like ginger-honey glazed carrots, braised collard greens, and the maple-peanut apple and persimmon crumble. You can also order the Holiday Feast Favorites ($60) for a six-pack of chef-selected wines designed to go perfectly with your holiday meal. ifg世界播


John Adler, vice president of Culinary at Blue Apron, said in a company press release, "Thanksgiving is going to be different for many families this year, and we're happy to join them in the kitchen by creating a one-stop shop to make their entire holiday feast a little easier. Building upon positive reactions to our dessert offering last year, we wanted to give our home cooks more Thanksgiving options, especially as some people may find themselves playing different roles, either as a first-time host or just cooking for themselves." ifg世界播

Blue Apron负责烹饪的副总裁约翰·阿德勒(John Adler)在公司的新闻稿中说,“今年的感恩节对很多家庭来说都不一样,我们很高兴能加入他们的行列,创建一站式商店,让他们的整个节日盛宴变得更容易。在去年我们提供甜点的积极反应的基础上,我们希望给家里的厨师提供更多感恩节选择,特别是考虑到有些人可能会发现自己扮演着不同的角色,要么是第一次当主人,要么就是自己做饭。”ifg世界播

Whether this is your first year cooking Thanksgiving or you just want to try something stress-free, the Blue Apron Thanksgiving box is definitely the way to go. ifg世界播


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