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Lipslut Has 3 New F*ck Trump Lipsticks For the 2020 Election (Including 1 Named "Fake News") DsF世界播



Given that Lipslut launched on the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration in 2017, we had no doubt that the brand — now just three years old — had something big in store for this year. With the 2020 presidential election less than a month away, Lipslut is expanding its F*ck Trump collection with three new shades inspired by some of the President's infamous catchphrases from the last four years. DsF世界播

鉴于Lipslut是在2017年唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)就职前夕推出的,我们毫不怀疑,这个成立仅3年的品牌今年肯定会有大动作。距离2020年总统大选还有不到一个月的时间,Lipslut正在扩大其他妈的特朗普系列,推出三种新的色调,灵感来自总统过去四年的一些臭名昭著的口号。DsF世界播

The three new shades in Lipslut's F*ck Trump collection include "Covfefe," a dark violet hue, "Fake News"," a cool, dark fuchsia color, and "Locker Room Talk," a bright, classic red. These new colors will join the original rosy-pink matte liquid lipstick that started it all to make a full line. As if owning a bold lippie with an ironic name like "Fake News" wasn't enticing enough to click the add to cart button, 50 percent of the earnings for every F*ck Trump lipstick sold goes to civil-rights organizations targeted by the Trump administration. DsF世界播

Lipslut的F*ck Trump系列中的三个新色调包括“Covfefe”(深紫罗兰色)、“Fake News”(假新闻)、“Covfefe”(冷的深紫红色)和“Locker Room Talk”(亮而经典的红色)。这些新颜色将加入最初的玫瑰粉哑光液体口红的行列,从而形成完整的系列。好像拥有一个带有讽刺意味的名字如“假新闻”的大胆口红还不足以吸引人点击“添加到购物车”(Add To Cart)按钮,每售出一支F*CK特朗普口红,收入的50%都会捐给特朗普政府针对的民权组织。DsF世界播

"With everything I've learned over the past few years, I'm making it my mission to turn Lipslut into the beauty brand our community deserves," founder Katie Sones told POPSUGAR. DsF世界播


For some context, the politically charged brand was launched out of Sones's dorm room and has since made a name for itself for using lipstick sales to fight Trump's border policy, donate to the Black Lives Matter Movement, and raise money for reproductive rights. DsF世界播

在某些背景下,这个充满政治色彩的品牌是在Sones的宿舍里推出的,自那以后就因为利用口红销售来对抗特朗普的边境政策、向黑人生命也是运动(Black Lives Matter Movement)捐款,以及为生殖权利筹集资金而声名鹊起。DsF世界播

Shop for all three new lipstick shades ahead. DsF世界播


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