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India sees new lockdowns as coronavirus cases rise again Ntf世界播



Cases of COVID-19 are increasing in some parts of India after months of a steady nationwide decline, prompting authorities to impose lockdowns and other virus restrictions. Ntf世界播


Infections have been plummeting in India since September, and life has already returned to normal in large parts of the country. In many cities, markets are bustling, roads are crowded and restaurants are nearly full. Ntf世界播


But experts have been warning that the reasons behind India's success aren't really understood, and that the country of nearly 1.4 billion people can't afford to let its guard down. Public health officials are now investigating potential mutations in the virus that could make it more contagious and render some treatments and vaccines less effective. Ntf世界播


The spike has been most pronounced in the western state of Maharashtra, where nearly 7,000 cases were detected in the past 24-hours, accounting for almost half of India's over 14,000 cases confirmed on Monday. The weekly average for infections has nearly doubled to 5,229 in the state in the past two weeks, and most of the cases have been concentrated in a few areas, including India's financial capital, Mumbai. Ntf世界播


Lockdowns have been reimposed in some parts of the state and authorities have banned all religious or cultural programs. Another wave of cases was “knocking on our door,” state Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said in a virtual address Sunday, while warning people that failure to follow public health measures like wearing masks could result in a need for larger and stricter lockdowns. Ntf世界播

该州部分地区重新实施封锁,当局已禁止所有宗教或文化项目。周日,该州首席部长乌达夫·萨克雷(Uddhav Thackeray)在一次虚拟演讲中表示,另一波病例正在“敲响我们的大门”,同时警告人们,如果不遵守戴口罩等公共卫生措施,可能会导致需要更大规模和更严格的封锁。Ntf世界播

Public health officials are also sequencing the virus to see if it has mutated to be able to spread more easily, said state surveillance officer Dr. Pradeep Awate. He said that the virus evolving was natural, but that consequences of it evolving to transmit faster or become more virulent could be “catastrophic.” Ntf世界播

州监测官员PraDeep Awate博士说,公共卫生官员也在对病毒进行测序,看看它是否发生了变异,以便能够更容易地传播。他说,病毒的进化是自然的,但它进化成传播更快或毒力更强的后果可能是“灾难性的”。Ntf世界播

Federal health officials said that an increase in new infections, albeit not as sharp as in Maharashtra, have also been flagged in Punjab state in northern India, and the central states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Ntf世界播


Officials added that a team of federal health officials has also been rushed to southern Kerala state, where cases have hovered between 4,000 and 5,000 in the past month, which was much higher than other states. Government-funded research has suggested that a more contagious version of the virus could be at play in Kerala, and efforts to sequence its genome are ongoing. Ntf世界播


But that could be because Kerala didn't see a spike in infections last year, the way some other states had, said Dr. Amar Fettle, the state's nodal officer for COVID-19. This meant that when lockdown restrictions were relaxed and people started moving about freely, there remained a large proportion of people who hadn't been exposed to the virus already and were susceptible to infections, he said. Ntf世界播

但这可能是因为喀拉拉邦去年没有像其他一些邦那样出现感染高峰,该邦新冠肺炎的节点官员阿马尔·菲特尔(Amar Fettle)博士说。他说,这意味着,当封锁限制放松,人们开始自由行动时,仍有很大一部分人没有接触过这种病毒,容易感染。Ntf世界播

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