Kumar Sanu谈与Jaan的关系:没有一个我的儿子费心问我的健康,爱是两种方式

2020-11-26 00:10

Kumar Sanu on Relationship with Jaan: None of My Sons Bothered to Ask About My Health, Love is Two Ways eIC世界播

Kumar Sanu谈与Jaan的关系:没有一个我的儿子费心问我的健康,爱是两种方式eIC世界播


Playback singer Kumar Sanu has reacted to the statements made by his son Jaan Sanu against Kumar during Bigg Boss 14. In the show, Jaan had said that his father has never been a part of his life and that he had been raised by his mother Rita Bhattacharya. eIC世界播


In an interview with Bombay Times, the singer has stated that it is sad that Jaan is saying these things in the house because they met before he went for the reality TV show. eIC世界播


Kumar added, “He says I haven’t given them anything, but the fact is that during the divorce, I gave Ritaji what she had asked for, including my very first bungalow”. eIC世界播


He also shared that as the children were young at the time he and his wife divorced, their custody was granted to the mother. Kumar visited the kids for limited time under restrictions. He moved out of the country after he remarried. eIC世界播


The report states that the veteran singer said that he would meet his three sons and would try to be available for them whenever he was in Mumbai. As per Kumar Sanu, he was in touch with them over calls. eIC世界播

报道称,这位资深歌手说,他会去见他的三个儿子,无论什么时候他在孟买都会尽量和他们在一起。根据库马尔·萨努(Kumar Sanu)的说法,他与他们保持着电话联系。eIC世界播

“My work is such that I can never be in one place for a long duration,” he said. eIC世界播


He also expressed that love has to be present from both the sides. As per Kumar, when he was sick after being tested Covid-19 positive, none of his sons ‘bothered to ask about his health.’ "Recently, when I tested positive for COVID-19, I was all alone. I was so weak and sick that I couldn’t go to the washroom by myself, but none of my sons bothered to ask about my health. Love can’t be just one-sided. It’s always two ways,” he said. eIC世界播


Kumar also reacted strongly to Jaan’s comment that his mother has played the role of both his mom and dad. Kumar said that he appreciates the respect he has for his mother and suggested Jaan to change his name to Jaan Rita Bhattacharya from Jaan Kumar Sanu. eIC世界播

库马尔还对Jaan的评论做出了强烈反应,Jaan说他的母亲扮演了他妈妈和爸爸的角色。库马尔说,他感谢自己对母亲的尊重,并建议扬将自己的名字从扬·库马尔·萨努(Jaan Kumar Sanu)改为扬·丽塔·巴塔查里亚(Jaan Rita Bhattacharya)。eIC世界播

He gave two reasons for this suggestion — firstly because Rita has done a lot for Jaan and secondly, if he keeps Kumar’s name then people will start comparing him with his father and that would not be good for Jaan as a newcomer. eIC世界播


“I’d be the happiest father to see him successful,” he said. eIC世界播


Jaan was evicted from the Bigg Boss house two days ago. eIC世界播

Jaan两天前被赶出了Bigg Boss的房子。eIC世界播

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