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Democrats' New Plan To Win Georgia's Crucial Senate Seats In A Pandemic Is To Actually Knock On Doors 8N4世界播



Rev. Raphael Warnock greets guests during a campaign event in Atlanta on November 3. 8N4世界播


With the Senate majority up for grabs, supporters of Georgia Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock are embracing a strategy in the January runoffs that Democrats largely avoided during the general election due to the coronavirus pandemic: door-knocking. 8N4世界播

随着参议院多数席位的争夺,佐治亚州民主党人乔恩·奥斯索夫(Jon Ossoff)和拉斐尔·沃诺克牧师(Rev.Raphael Warnock)的支持者在1月份的决选中接受了一项策略,由于冠状病毒的流行,民主党人在大选期间基本上避免了这一策略:挨家挨户敲门。8N4世界播

The stakes couldn’t be any higher in Georgia. After losing competitive races in Maine, Iowa, and the Carolinas, Democrats need to win both seats in the state to clinch a working majority in a 50-50 Senate with Vice President–elect Kamala Harris serving as a tiebreaker. Then, and only then, will they have even a chance at passing the kind of legislation needed to achieve President-elect Joe Biden’s plans for tackling racial inequality, revving up the pandemic-struck economy, slashing climate pollution, and more. 8N4世界播

佐治亚州的赌注再高不过了。在缅因州、爱荷华州和卡罗莱纳州的竞争中失利后,民主党人需要赢得该州的两个席位,才能在当选副总统卡马拉·哈里斯(Kamala Harris)担任决胜者的情况下,在50比50的参议院获得有效多数。到那时,也只有到那时,他们才有机会通过所需的立法,以实现当选总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)的计划,即解决种族不平等问题,提振疫情肆虐的经济,削减气候污染等。8N4世界播

Democrats are optimistic after Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia since 1992. But they know it’s going to take a lot of work because they did not secure down-ballot victories for Ossoff and Warnock the first time around. Moreover, Republicans have historically fared better in the state’s runoff elections, where there’s a dropoff in the number of voters who participate compared to general elections. 8N4世界播


So a growing number of progressive organizers are masking up to register new eligible voters and motivate people to go back to the polls despite surging coronavirus infections and hospitalizations. 8N4世界播


More than 250,000 people in the United States have died from COVID-19, hospitalizations nationwide are at an all-time high, and the next weeks will likely be brutal. And while new cases are currently not as high in Georgia as they were in July, infections are on the rise. 8N4世界播


“I think we’re still trying to figure out exactly what the right formula is,” said Brionté McCorkle, executive director of the environmental group Georgia Conservation Voters. “There’s a lot of digital engagement in response to COVID-19, but I think that folks are seeing that there was a loss by not being at the doors.” 8N4世界播



Supporters attend a drive-in rally featuring Democratic candidates for Senate at the Civic Center in Columbus, Georgia, on October 29. 8N4世界播


The revived strategy in Georgia is markedly different than the Democratic Party’s approach to canvassing during the general election. While the pandemic spread across the country in the lead up to Nov. 3, Democrats steered away from in-person canvassing and relied heavily on digital field programs like phone-banking and texting to turn out their voters. Some national Democrats, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have pointed to sparse field programs in post-election analyses of why the party underperformed expectations in House and Senate races. 8N4世界播

在格鲁吉亚重振旗鼓的策略与民主党在大选期间的拉票方式有明显不同。虽然疫情在11月3日之前在全国蔓延,但民主党人不再当面拉票,而是严重依赖电话银行和短信等数字领域程序来争取选民。一些全国性民主党人,如众议员亚历山德里亚·奥卡西奥-科尔特斯(Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez),在选举后的分析中指出,在分析该党在参众两院竞选中表现逊于预期的原因时,现场项目很少。8N4世界播

“The decision to stop knocking doors is one people need to grapple with and analyze,” she tweeted in the days after the election. 8N4世界播


Evan Weber, the political director and cofounder of the Sunrise Movement, echoed Ocasio-Cortez’s analysis. 8N4世界播

日出运动的政治总监和联合创始人埃文·韦伯(Evan Weber)呼应了奥卡西奥-科尔特斯(Ocasio-Cortez)的分析。8N4世界播

“Democrats, somewhat wisely in line with public health standards, didn’t invest heavily in field operations in the middle of a pandemic,” he told BuzzFeed News. “I think there were some decisions made by party operatives where we could’ve done some of that in a safe way; there was major field handicap that hurt Democrats of all political ideologies.” 8N4世界播


The push for in-person campaigning is not coming directly from either of the Democratic Senate campaigns, at least not publicly. 8N4世界播


“Rising COVID cases are a huge consideration here and how can we do this safely,” an Ossoff campaign spokesperson told BuzzFeed News about door-knocking. “That’s going to be a decision we’ll have to make down the road.” 8N4世界播


Warnock’s campaign has largely focused its volunteers on phone-banking and dropping off literature at voters’ doors. “Georgians’ safety comes first, and we try to have a hyperawareness around the precautions we’re taking related to the virus,” a spokesperson for Warnock’s campaign told BuzzFeed News. 8N4世界播


The two Democratic challengers have opted for drive-in rallies and outdoor events, sometimes together, where masking and social distancing is enforced. 8N4世界播


Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, the Republican incumbents, are going all in on in-person campaigning, often without basic COVID-19 precautions. At a “Save Our Majority” rally last week featuring Loeffler, for example, many maskless supporters gathered in a windowless room. 8N4世界播

共和党现任参议员大卫·珀杜(David Perdue)和凯利·勒弗勒(Kelly Loeffler)正在全力以赴进行面对面的竞选活动,通常没有基本的新冠肺炎预防措施。例如,在上周以勒弗勒为主角的“拯救我们的多数派”集会上,许多不戴面具的支持者聚集在一个没有窗户的房间里。8N4世界播

Starting this week, Vice President Mike Pence is joining Perdue and Loeffler on a bus tour around the state. Neither of the Republican Senate campaigns responded to requests for comment. 8N4世界播

从本周开始,副总统迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence)将与珀杜(Perdue)和勒弗勒(Loeffler)一起乘坐巴士环游该州。共和党参议院竞选团队都没有回应记者的置评请求。8N4世界播


Stacey Abrams speaks to voters at the Coan Recreation Center in Atlanta, Georgia on November 3. 8N4世界播


Door-knocking has always been a core part of campaigning for former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ New Georgia Project, a nonpartisan group that has registered thousands of new voters across the state. The mesh of in-person and digital efforts was a resounding success, with the group getting much of the credit for helping spur record turnout among Black communities statewide. The organization has around 100 organizers on the ground and plans to scale up its field program during the runoffs. 8N4世界播

挨家挨户敲门一直是前民主党州长候选人史黛西·艾布拉姆斯(Stacey Abrams)的新佐治亚州项目(New佐治亚Project)竞选活动的核心部分。该项目是一个无党派组织,已在全州范围内登记了数千名新选民。面对面和数字努力的网络取得了巨大的成功,该组织在全州黑人社区中帮助刺激了创纪录的投票率,这在很大程度上受到了赞扬。该组织在当地有大约100名组织者,并计划在决选期间扩大其实地项目。8N4世界播

“It’s about having high-quality face-to-face conversations, and we tend to be able to do that by knocking on people’s doors,” executive director Nsé Ufot told BuzzFeed News. “We try to have high-quality conversations where people get to be reflective and talk about the fears and the hopes that they have. That’s our central tactic, and sometimes that’s in one-on-one conversations at doors; sometimes that’s at small group meetings in church basements, or housing projects, or cafés with a number of community leaders.” 8N4世界播


New Georgia Project has already identified over 100,000 new eligible Georgian voters to register to vote ahead of the Dec. 7 deadline. 8N4世界播


For many other groups though, the focus on in-person get-out-the-vote efforts is a shift from the general election. In some cases, New Georgia Project is helping make this possible. 8N4世界播


“We’ve largely relied on larger groups like New Georgia Project to be able to do that door-to-door work,” said McCorkle of Georgia Conservation Voters. 8N4世界播


“We are actually introducing COVID-safe canvassing because what we’ve seen in the South is door-to-door contact is still one of the more successful ways to engage voters,” Shanté Wolfe, coordinated campaigns director at the Sunrise Movement, told BuzzFeed News. “In this case, it will be doorstep to doorstep to do social distancing.” 8N4世界播

日出运动的协调竞选总监尚特·沃尔夫告诉BuzzFeed新闻:“我们实际上是在引入COVID安全拉票活动,因为我们在南方看到的是门到门接触,这仍然是吸引选民的最成功的方式之一,”日出运动的协调活动主管尚特·沃尔夫(ShantéWolfe)告诉BuzzFeed News。“在这种情况下,社交疏远就是家门口的事了。”8N4世界播

And the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced last week that it was committing to a multimillion-dollar field effort that would include on-the-ground field organizers to help turnout and voter registration efforts. 8N4世界播


In one of House Democrats’ only pickups of the election, Rep.-elect Carolyn Bourdeaux’s suburban Atlanta campaign fully switched its voter outreach programs to digital as the pandemic spread. Now, as Bourdeaux’s team focuses on assisting Ossoff and Warnock, her campaign manager, Shelbi Dantic, told BuzzFeed News that it’s open to the possibility of in-person campaigning. 8N4世界播

随着埃博拉疫情的蔓延,当选众议员卡罗琳·布尔多(Carolyn Bourdeaux)在亚特兰大郊区的竞选活动将选民外展计划完全转向了数字化,这是众议院民主党人在选举中仅有的一次提振。现在,随着布尔多的团队专注于协助奥斯索夫和沃诺克,她的竞选经理谢尔比·丹蒂克告诉BuzzFeed新闻,他们对面对面竞选的可能性持开放态度。8N4世界播

“Moving forward, and as we’re thinking about how Carolyn’s campaign and our field teams plug into the runoff, I think there’s an opportunity to feel really good about if we are knocking doors to get people engaged in a runoff election, which I think is going to take an extra step or two to get them to go out to the polls,” she told BuzzFeed News. 8N4世界播


Dantic added that the campaign would follow the Senate campaigns’ direction, but that they weren’t completely opposed to canvassing in person. 8N4世界播


But the uptick in coronavirus cases is an ever-present worry. To stay safe, organizers are donning personal protective equipment, such as masks and face shields, and trying to meet outdoors. 8N4世界播


“We’re going to be having our first full runoff hub meeting in a park on Sunday,” Wolfe said. “We’re doing it rain or shine because we understand the urgency of this moment and we’re not afraid of a little rain.” 8N4世界播


The pandemic is also a big reason some local organizers are telling people from out of state to stay home and leave the ground efforts to them. 8N4世界播


“We’re not encouraging anyone to come here from out of state. We know that our medical infrastructure in south Georgia isn’t up to par, and we understand that rates of the virus are increasing. So we’re encouraging people from out of state to text with us, and that robust program is moving,” said Britney Whaley, a political strategist with the Working Families Party. 8N4世界播

“我们不鼓励任何人从州外来到这里。我们知道我们在南乔治亚州的医疗基础设施达不到标准,我们也知道病毒的感染率正在上升。因此,我们鼓励其他州的人给我们发短信,这个强有力的计划正在推进。“工薪家庭党(Working Families Party)的政治策略师布兰妮·威利(Britney Whaley)说。8N4世界播

“If people are from here and they want to get involved and canvass,” she said, “that program is happening, and we’ve padded our staff to make sure that our folks are safe.” 8N4世界播


The organization is dedicating certain staffers as “safety captains” who will take the temperatures of canvassers and distribute literature to members to avoid big gatherings; it is also planning some outdoor meetings. 8N4世界播


“We’re giving out additional PPE to canvassers. This may sound extra, but if people answer the doors with no mask, we’re asking them to close the door so we can leave them some so that they can put on the mask and then we can engage with them from 6 feet away,” Whaley said. “If they don’t want to because they’re at home, then we just move on to the next door. There’s no pressure for our canvassers to be in someone’s face or engage.” 8N4世界播


National progressive groups are now focusing their attention on the Georgia races even without sending in staffers and volunteers. 8N4世界播


At the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Action Fund, executive director Kevin Curtis is encouraging donors and members to give money. “Give money to the candidates, give money to 8N4世界播

在国家资源保护委员会(NRDC)行动基金,执行董事凯文·柯蒂斯(Kevin Curtis)鼓励捐赠者和成员捐款。“把钱给候选人,把钱给8N4世界播

Donating to Ossoff, Warnock, and the Georgia Senate Victory Fund all currently feature prominently on the online GiveGreen platform, a collaboration between the environmental groups NRDC, billionaire Tom Steyer’s NextGen America, and the League of Conservation Voters. ● 8N4世界播

向奥斯索夫、沃诺克和佐治亚州参议院胜利基金捐款目前都是在线GiveGreen平台上的重要内容,该平台是由环保组织自然资源保护委员会(NRDC)、亿万富翁汤姆·斯蒂尔(Tom Steyer)的下一代美国人(NextGen America)和保护选民联盟(League Of Protection Voters)合作建立的。8N4世界播

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