PGIMS V-C表示,希望获得1000名Covaxin试验志愿者

2020-11-19 12:04

Hoping to get 1000 volunteers for Covaxin trial, says PGIMS V-C gr3世界播

PGIMS V-C表示,希望获得1000名Covaxin试验志愿者gr3世界播

Rohtak (Haryana) , November 19 (ANI): Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS), Rohtak, hopes to get 1,000 healthy volunteers by Thursday for the third-phase trial of Bharat Biotech's COVID-19 vaccine candidate, Covaxin, that will begin from Friday, Vice-Chancellor OP Kalra said on Wednesday. gr3世界播

罗塔克(哈里亚纳邦)11月19日:罗塔克副校长奥普·卡拉(OP Kalra)周三表示,罗塔克医学科学研究生院潘迪特·巴格瓦特·达亚尔·夏尔马(Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma)希望在周四之前获得1000名健康志愿者,参加巴拉特生物技术公司(Bharat Biotech)新冠肺炎候选疫苗科瓦辛(Covaxin)的第三阶段试验,该试验将于周五开始。gr3世界播

"We are hoping to get 1,000 healthy volunteers by Thursday. Of them, 200 volunteers will be administered the Covaxin initially so that we get to know about their antibody response earlier. There are three centers in the country where antibody response are studied. If the response is good in 600 volunteers, then ICMR will take permission for market authentication so that mass production can be done," Kalra said. gr3世界播


He added the lower age limit for volunteers is 18 years, while there is no upper age limit in this phase. "In the third phase, even diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney disease patients can register as volunteers." gr3世界播


He further said, "Two doses will be injected to each volunteer. The second dose will be administered after 28 days of giving the first dose, and the response of antibodies will be studied after 42 days. If it is found to be satisfactory, then by February and March we can have mass production of the vaccine. Its efficacy should be more than 90 per cent." gr3世界播


About the first two phases, he said that there were either no side effects or minimum side effects like pain in the area where the injection was applied or a slight fever. gr3世界播


He suggested following COVID-appropriate behaviors like using masks, sanitisers and maintaining social distancing till a vaccine is available. gr3世界播


Meanwhile, Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij has offered to become the "first volunteer" for the Phase-III clinical trial of Bharat Biotech's COVID-19 vaccine. gr3世界播

与此同时,哈里亚纳邦卫生部长阿尼尔·维吉(Anil Vij)表示愿意成为巴拉特生物技术公司(Bharat Biotech)新冠肺炎疫苗第三阶段临床试验的“第一名志愿者”。gr3世界播

"Trial for the third phase of Covaxin a coronavirus vaccine product of Bharat Biotech to start in Haryana on 20th November. I have offered myself as first volunteer to get vaccinated," Vij tweeted. gr3世界播


Apart from PGIMS, ESIC hospital in Faridabad has also been identified in Haryana where the trials will be conducted, as per Bharat Biotech's statement. gr3世界播

根据Bharat Biotech的声明,除了PGIMS,法里达巴德的ESIC医院也被确定在哈里亚纳邦进行试验。gr3世界播

In October, the Drugs Controller General of India gave permission to Bharat Biotech for conducting the Phase-III clinical trial for Covaxin. (ANI) gr3世界播

今年10月,印度药品监督管理局批准Bharat Biotech进行Covaxin的第三阶段临床试验。(ANI)gr3世界播

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