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It's Been Years Since the Sports Bra Went Public, So Why Are We Still Being Told to Cover Up? WcB世界播



PASADENA, : Brandi Chastain of the US celebrates after kicking the winning penalty kick to win the 1999 Women's World Cup final against China 10 July 1999 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. The US won 5-4 on penalties. (ELECTRONIC IMAGE) AFP PHOTO Roberto SCHMIDT (Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP via Getty Images) WcB世界播

帕萨迪纳:1999年7月10日,在帕萨迪纳的玫瑰碗球场,美国的布兰迪·查斯坦在赢得1999年女足世界杯决赛对阵中国的比赛后庆祝。美国队在点球大战中以5比4取胜。(电子图像)法新社照片罗伯托·施密特(图片来源:罗伯托·施密特/法新社通过Getty Images)WcB世界播

It was the 1999 World Cup, and Brandi Chastain had just scored the winning goal, solidifying the US Women's National Team's victory over China. Chastain tore off her jersey and fell to her knees in celebration. It was a historic moment — but for the millions who watched, it wasn't the penalty kicks or the team's excitement they remembered most. It was Chastain's sports bra. WcB世界播

那是1999年世界杯,布兰迪·查斯坦(Brandi Chastein)刚刚打进制胜一球,巩固了美国女足国家队战胜中国队的胜利。查斯坦脱下运动衫,双膝跪地庆祝。这是一个历史性的时刻,但对于数百万观看比赛的观众来说,他们记忆最深的不是点球,也不是球队的兴奋。那是查斯坦的运动胸罩。WcB世界播

In the past 20 years, the USWNT has won a total of four World Cups. Women athletes across every sport are setting the bar higher and higher. But despite their successes, the public conversation has yet to move past their bras. Sports bras are merely training gear, much like cups or jockstraps. As a runner who wears sports bras to track practice, I know they're no more revealing than crop tops. They're often less revealing than bikini tops. So, why does a five-ounce piece of lycra and cotton keep making headlines? WcB世界播


The pearl-clutching over women's activewear extends beyond the professional arena and onto college campuses. At New Jersey's Rowan University, the football coach criticized the women's track and field team for wearing just their sports bras to practice, claiming his players couldn't concentrate. WcB世界播

对女性运动服的珍珠追逐超越了职业舞台,延伸到了大学校园。在新泽西州的罗文大学(Rowan University),这位足球教练批评女子田径队只穿运动胸罩训练,称他的球员无法集中精力。WcB世界播

Across the country, campus gym policies unfairly target women through the dress codes themselves or selective enforcement. At the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, a gym employee told student Claire Crow to change her shirt because an inch of her stomach showed. Meanwhile, two shirtless men worked out uninterrupted. The University of Michigan and New York University are just two of the many schools whose policies have come under criticism after staff members demanded that students wear shirts over their sports bras or leave the gym. In each case, the men wearing revealing open tanks or no shirts at all exercised without consequence. WcB世界播

在全国范围内,校园健身房政策通过着装规定本身或选择性执行,不公平地针对女性。在田纳西州塞瓦尼的南方大学,一名健身房员工告诉学生克莱尔·克罗更换衬衫,因为她的肚子露出了一英寸。与此同时,两名赤裸上身的男子一直在锻炼。密歇根大学(University Of Michigan)和纽约大学(New York University)只是众多学校中的两所,这些学校的政策受到了批评,原因是教职员工要求学生在运动胸罩上穿衬衫,否则就离开健身房。在每一种情况下,这些男子都穿着露出敞口的坦克或根本不穿衬衫的人进行了锻炼,但没有造成任何后果。WcB世界播

Fortunately, when confronted with the inequity of their policies, many schools have modified their rules. For example, Crow worked with the school's Title IX coordinator to change the university's athletic dress code. Where the policy once stated that students should wear "proper training attire" to the gym, it now specifically states that women may wear sports bras and crop tops and men may go shirtless. However, not all schools have shifted their standards, and students shouldn't have to fight this battle on yearly basis. WcB世界播


In just a year, I'll be on a college campus. Will students have already fought and won this dress code battle at the school I attend next fall? Or, will I, too, have to fight against discriminatory policies? WcB世界播


Focusing on women's attire sexualizes their bodies. When Rowan University's football coach claimed his players were distracted by the sports-bra-clad runners, he shifted responsibility from his own athletes to the women who were simply trying to train. He reinforced the idea that women must cover themselves to prevent people from thinking about them sexually, or worse, acting on those thoughts. Attitudes like these are not just offensive and sexist; they are dangerous and perpetuate rape culture. It's time to recognize that restricting what women wear is nothing more than a poorly disguised effort to control them. WcB世界播

关注女性的着装会让她们的身体性感起来。当罗文大学(Rowan University)的足球教练声称,他的球员被穿着运动胸罩的跑步者分心时,他将责任从自己的运动员转移到了只是试图训练的女性身上。他强调,女性必须遮盖自己,以防止人们想到她们的性,或者更糟糕的是,对这些想法采取行动。这样的态度不只是冒犯和性别歧视;它们是危险的,并使强奸文化永久化。现在是时候认识到,限制女性着装不过是为了控制她们而进行的一种不加掩饰的努力。WcB世界播

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