《Report is Eyewash》:英迪拉·贾辛要求瓦拉瓦拉·拉奥保释

2020-11-19 10:05

‘Report is Eyewash’: Indira Jaising Pushes for Varavara Rao Bail Fy3世界播

《Report is Eyewash》:英迪拉·贾辛要求瓦拉瓦拉·拉奥保释Fy3世界播

The Bombay High Court will continue to hear the petitions filed by 80-year-old Varavara Rao at 11 am on Wednesday, 18 November, including the request to transfer him to Nanavati Hospital for treatment while his medical and humanitarian bail pleas are considered by the court. Fy3世界播

孟买高等法院将继续审理80岁的瓦拉瓦拉·拉奥(Varavara Rao)在11月18日星期三上午11点提出的请愿,包括将他转移到纳纳瓦蒂医院接受治疗的请求,同时法院正在考虑他的医疗和人道主义保释请求。Fy3世界播

The court was supposed to be hearing the matter on Tuesday, however, because of technical difficulties, the judges were unable to hear Rao’s lawyer, senior advocate Indira Jaising clearly via video conferencing. The court will now conduct an in-person hearing on Wednesday morning. Fy3世界播

法院本应在周二审理此事,然而,由于技术上的困难,法官们无法通过视频会议清楚地听取拉奥的律师、高级辩护人英迪拉·贾辛(Indira Jasing)的意见。法院现在将于周三上午举行面对面听证会。Fy3世界播

The high court was supposed to consider a report on Rao’s medical condition by doctors from the super-speciality Nanavati Hospital dated 13 November, so it can decide whether to move him to the hospital or not. Fy3世界播

高等法院应该考虑超级专科医院纳纳瓦蒂医院(Nanavati Hospital)医生在11月13日提交的关于拉奥健康状况的报告,这样它就可以决定是否将他送往医院。Fy3世界播

On this basis, Jaising once again argued that Rao should be immediately moved to Nanavati Hospital where a proper medical examination with all relevant tests can be conducted. The judges will hear these arguments in detail, and the NIA and jail authorities’s response, during the hearing on Wednesday. Fy3世界播


Rao’s lawyers had moved the court initially asking for bail on medical grounds, and additionally on humanitarian grounds, arguing that he was suffering from numerous ailments including dementia, and that his continued incarceration amounted to cruel and inhuman treatment. Fy3世界播


Senior advocate Indira Jaising, appearing for Rao in the high court on 12 November, had pointed to a report from Nanavati Hospital dated 30 July 2020 (the latest report on his condition available) – during a time when Rao had been moved there because of serious medical complications including testing COVID positive – to stress the seriousness of his condition, and informed the court that there was “a reasonable apprehension that he will lose his life in prison”. Fy3世界播

11月12日,拉奥的高级辩护律师英迪拉·贾辛(Indira Jasing)在高等法院出庭,他引用了纳纳瓦蒂医院(Nanavati Hospital)2020年7月30日的一份报告(可获得的关于他病情的最新报告)--当时拉奥因严重的医疗并发症(包括CoVID检测呈阳性)被转移到那里--以强调他的病情的严重性,并告知法庭,人们“有理由担心他将在监狱中失去生命”。Fy3世界播

The poet-activist is currently in the hospital at Taloja Jail, where all the accused in the Bhima Koregaon case are being held. He has been in jail since November 2018; the trial is yet to begin in the case regarding alleged Maoist links and plots. Fy3世界播

这位诗人兼活动家目前在塔罗贾监狱(Taloja Jail)的医院里,Bhima Koregaon案的所有被告都被关押在那里。他自2018年11月以来一直被关在监狱里;关于所谓的毛派联系和阴谋的案件尚未开始审判。Fy3世界播

At the last hearing in the case on 12 November, a vacation bench of the Bombay High Court had ordered a medical consultation by doctors from Nanavati Hospital by video (with a physical examination also to be conducted if required) to assess Rao’s condition. Fy3世界播




The Quint has accessed a copy of the report of their tele-consultation which is recorded as taking place on 13 November from 6:55 pm to 7:10 pm. It states that Fy3世界播


*Rao is not suffering from fever, cough, breathlessness or hematuria (ie, blood in his urine); and Fy3世界播


*On video consultation he seems “Fully conscious, alert, oriented”. Fy3世界播


However, in light of his catheter being in place for the last three months and his history of urine-related problems, it has also recommended that he undergo an ultrasonography of his abdomen and pelvis, have tests done for urine infections, and have a consultation with a urologist to change the catheter. Fy3世界播


A separate biochemistry report from a local lab dated 17 November, appended to the report, indicates that Rao has lower than recommended levels of serum sodium and chloride. Deficiencies in these levels had been connected to the worsening of his neurological condition during his previous stint at the hospital from July-August. Fy3世界播




During the last hearing, senior advocate Indira Jaising had not pressed the bail pleas on behalf of Rao, and focused instead on the requests for interim relief: Fy3世界播

在上次听证会上,高级辩护律师英迪拉·贾辛(Indira Jasing)没有代表拉奥提出保释请求,而是专注于临时救济的请求:Fy3世界播

*To move him to Nanavati Hospital for treatment and assessment; Fy3世界播


*To get him examined by independent medical experts to decide further course of action and treatment. Fy3世界播


Jaising had protested the conduct of the National Investigating Agency and the jail authorities, who had moved Rao back to Taloja Jail on 28 August from Nanavati Hospital without informing Rao’s family or the Bombay High Court. A plea for medical bail was already being heard by the high court at the time, and it was supposed to be considering the hospital’s report on Rao’s condition dated 30 July. Fy3世界播


Jaising noted how Rao had had to be taken to hospital multiple times, and had been moved from the Taloja Jail hospital to facilities outside multiple times to receive sufficient treatment. This included the time he tested positive for COVID-19 on 16 July after his condition had seriously deteriorated, which had eventually resulted in his admission at Nanavati Hospital. Fy3世界播


She then took the court through the 30 July report on Rao’s neurological condition. The doctors at Nanavati Hospital had noted that he had previously been admitted to the government JJ Hospital and diagnosed with hyponatermia – a form of dementia where a person is unable to comprehend reality. Fy3世界播


He had been discharged from JJ Hospital after improvement in his symptoms, but the doctors found that he had since then suffered head injuries, had low sodium levels and hence his neurological condition had not improved. Fy3世界播


Jaising said she would press the main medical bail plea at the hearing on Wednesday. Fy3世界播




The NIA and jail authorities have contested the claims of cruel and inhuman treatment of Rao, and insisted he has been given the medical treatment he requires. Fy3世界播


While no fresh medical reports had been provided to Rao’s lawyers or even the court till the last hearing, the jail authorities produced a medical report dated 12 November itself to the court on the day insisting that his condition was fine. Fy3世界播


The NIA and jail authorities had both eventually agreed to the judges’ suggestion of getting a video consultation of Rao conducted by doctors from Nanavati Hospital, and also agreed that they would facilitate any physical examination by the doctors if required as well. Fy3世界播


The Bombay High Court had failed to list Rao’s request form medical bail for over a month after a hearing on 17 September. Rao’s lawyers had then moved the Supreme Court asking for bail on humanitarian grounds. The apex court on 29 October declined to pass any order themselves, but instructed the high court to list a petition on these grounds within seven days of being filed. Fy3世界播


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