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'We're in trouble': Texas sending record help to hospitals QLz世界播


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas is sending medical staff to overworked hospitals by the thousands — more now than at any point during the pandemic — as a worsening surge of cases leaves virus patients waiting for beds and large public buildings were ordered shut Wednesday in one West Texas city where fire officials are building shelves to store the dead. QLz世界播


“We're in trouble,” said Dr. Ron Cook, the heath authority in Lubbock County, which is averaging more than 450 new cases a day over the past week. QLz世界播

“我们有麻烦了,”卢伯克县的卫生当局罗恩·库克(Ron Cook)博士说。过去一周,该县平均每天有450多例新病例。QLz世界播

He would not rule out the county of 320,000 residents soon needing mobile morgues like the border city of El Paso, where jail inmates have begun earning $2 an hour to transport bodies amid a skyrocketing number of virus deaths. "We’re close. The fire department has made some shelving units for us. We’ve gone to extra efforts to try to find more space,” Cook said. QLz世界播


Texas has sent hundreds of additional doctors and nurses to Lubbock to staff overflow medical tents outside hospitals and relieve weary frontline workers. The mayor Wednesday ordered the closure of large municipal facilities through the end of the year but said he would not lockdown businesses, which Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has prohibited. QLz世界播

德克萨斯州向卢伯克增派了数百名医生和护士,为医院外溢出的医疗帐篷配备工作人员,并缓解疲惫的前线工作人员。市长周三下令在年底前关闭大型市政设施,但表示他不会关闭企业,共和党州长格雷格·阿博特(Greg Abbott)已禁止关闭企业。QLz世界播

As the number of cases in Texas soar, Abbott has shown no appetite for retreating to shutdown measures as he did this summer when hospitalizations were on a similarly bleak trajectory. He scheduled a news conference in Lubbock for Thursday, his first about the virus since September. QLz世界播


Worries about the rising caseloads extended far beyond West Texas. QLz世界播


Leaders in Houston fear they're repeating the same grim trends as summer that filled hospitals to capacity in the nation's fourth-largest city. In East Texas, which was spared the worst of earlier surges, more than 400 extra medical staff are on the ground, according to state figures. Beth Powell, an administrator for the region's trauma system, said it was the first time in her six years on the job that such help has been sent. QLz世界播

休斯敦的领导人担心,他们正在重蹈夏季的覆辙,导致这个美国第四大城市的医院人满为患。根据州政府的数据,在没有出现早先最严重的激增的东得克萨斯州,有400多名额外的医务人员在地面上。贝丝·鲍威尔(Beth Powell)是该地区创伤系统的管理员,她说,这是她任职六年来第一次收到这样的帮助。QLz世界播

“There are only so many medical personnel to go around. And I think what we're seeing in places like El Paso is not sustainable for all or a large part of the state,” said Dr. Mark McClellan, a former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. He said the numbers suggest the time has come for incremental rollbacks, such as reduced occupancy. QLz世界播

“只有这么多医务人员可以走动。”我认为我们在埃尔帕索这样的地方看到的情况对该州的大部分或大部分地区来说是不可持续的。“美国食品和药物管理局(FDA)前局长马克·麦克莱伦(Mark McClellan)博士说。他表示,这些数字表明,现在是逐步回落的时候了,比如减少入住率。QLz世界播

McClellan, who has served as an adviser to Abbott during the pandemic, expressed skepticism that a continued surge of doctors in hard-hit places was effective policy toward the goal of keeping the economy open. QLz世界播


“People won't go to restaurants, even if they are open. If health care systems do get really stressed, you do have to take further measures. It's just they have to be more extreme and prolonged,” McClellan said. QLz世界播


Texas has seen more than 20,140 virus deaths to date, the second highest in the county, according to researchers from Johns Hopkins University. Over the past two weeks, the rolling average number of daily new cases has increased by nearly 3,300, an increase of more than 50%. QLz世界播


Anton said the state has not had issues obtaining staff for deployments. It can take up to two weeks for more medical personnel to arrive after help is requested, Lubbock officials say, and that staff works 12-hour shifts, six days a week after arriving. The medical contractors used across Texas are “running short on staff members,” said Joe Moudy, Lubbock County's emergency management director. QLz世界播

安东说,该州在获得部署人员方面没有问题。卢伯克官员说,在请求帮助后,更多的医务人员可能需要长达两周的时间才能赶到,工作人员在抵达后每周工作六天,轮班工作12小时。卢伯克县应急管理主任乔·莫迪(Joe Moudy)表示,德克萨斯州各地使用的医疗承包商“人手不足”。QLz世界播

“They're diligent, hard-working experts,” Cook said of the frontline medical workers in Lubbock. “But they're tired.” QLz世界播


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