NHS英格兰就从12月开始推出潜在的COVID疫苗进行谈判:Pulse Health网站

2020-10-16 14:11

NHS England in talks on rollout of potential COVID vaccine from December: Pulse health website sAY世界播

NHS英格兰就从12月开始推出潜在的COVID疫苗进行谈判:Pulse Health网站sAY世界播


FILE PHOTO: A woman holds a small bottle labeled with a "Vaccine COVID-19" sticker and a medical syringe in this illustration sAY世界播


(Reuters) - The National Health Service (NHS) is in talks with the British Medical Association (BMA) and others around mobilising the rollout of a potential COVID-19 vaccine from December, Pulse website for health professionals reported on Thursday. sAY世界播


There is optimism around the first cohorts being given a vaccine in December but there is a 50/50 chance of the vaccine being available by that time, Pulse https://bit.ly/3lQhtJt reported, citing a person close to the discussions. sAY世界播

Pulse https://bit.ly/3lQhtJt援引一位知情人士的话报道,人们对12月首批接种疫苗的人群持乐观态度,但到那时有50%的可能性可以获得疫苗。sAY世界播

Talks are taking place between NHS England, the BMA and other groups over who will administer vaccines and who will receive it first, Pulse reported, citing multiple sources. sAY世界播

Pulse援引多个消息来源的话报道,NHS England、BMA和其他组织正在就谁将接种疫苗以及谁将首先接种疫苗进行谈判。sAY世界播

The government had proposed in August to allow more healthcare workers to administer vaccines. sAY世界播


There is debate on whether the first people to be vaccinated will be care home patients and their staff, or health care professionals, including general practitioners. sAY世界播


NHS England, BMA and Department for Health and Social Care did not immediately respond when contacted by Reuters on Thursday. sAY世界播

当路透社(Reuters)周四联系到NHS England、BMA和卫生和社会保健部(Department For Health And Social Care)时,他们没有立即做出回应。sAY世界播

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday there were some hopeful signs that a vaccine would be secured for COVID-19 but that the country must be realistic because it could not be taken for granted. sAY世界播


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