“Parveen Babi按照她自己的规则生活,”为她写传记的作者说

2020-10-14 14:01

'Parveen Babi lived life by her own rules,' says author who wrote her biography Fnb世界播

“Parveen Babi按照她自己的规则生活,”为她写传记的作者说Fnb世界播

“Parveen Babi lived life by her own rules” Fnb世界播


Author of the memoir Parveen Babi – A Life, Karishma Upadhyay, reveals how mental health issues can plague even the most successful. Fnb世界播

回忆录“Parveen Babi-A Life”的作者Karishma Upadhyay揭示了精神健康问题如何困扰着最成功的人。Fnb世界播


Parveen Babi in Amar Akbar Anthony Fnb世界播

阿马尔·阿克巴尔·安东尼的Parveen BabiFnb世界播

Bold and bohemian, Parveen Babi symbolized the ‘free spirit’ of the ‘70s. Unapologetic about her lifestyle and unabashed about her relationships, she came across as a woman who lived by her heart. Fnb世界播


A mind, which couldn’t withstand the scrutiny that came with stardom. A mind that couldn’t handle the insecurity that each relationship was fraught with. A woman, who retreated into an alternate reality when the immediate became too threatening. Fnb世界播


Author Karishma Upadhyay has chronicled the life and times of the tragic star with empathy and dignity. Minutely researched, Parveen Babi: A Life, is not just about her descent into madness, it’s as much about her hard-earned ascent to fame. Fnb世界播

作家Karishma Upadhyay以同理心和尊严记录了这位悲剧明星的生活和时代。细致入微的研究,“帕文·巴比:一生”不仅仅是关于她堕落到疯狂,也是关于她来之不易的成名之路。Fnb世界播

Here are some excerpts from a chat with the writer. Fnb世界播


What made you attempt a book on such a controversial figure as Parveen Babi? Fnb世界播


I didn’t know much about Parveen Babi. When the publishing house (Hachette India) approached me, a friend of mine, who belonged to the ‘70s, urged me to take it up. Fnb世界播


My initial research revealed that though Parveen had quit the industry twice, the best of directors and banners were still willing to work with her, even if they had lost money due to her disappearance. Perhaps, it was her basic professional discipline that made them bet on her. Fnb世界播


That fascinated me. I’ve tried to give equal weightage to her career in the book as well. Fnb世界播


What were the challenges you faced while writing the book? Fnb世界播


It’s been long since Parveen passed away. Neither is anyone from her family whom you could trust – people who wouldn’t lie about her. I had to crosscheck the various stories. Fnb世界播


For instance, a college friend of her’s said that she did drugs, while some said she never touched drugs. Then some friends, as mentioned in the book, said that she had the habit of piling up dirty clothes in the hostel. I had to double check that. Fnb世界播


There was a lot of information that I had to edit out as it couldn’t be authenticated. I reached out to Alumni Association of St Xavier’s College in Ahmedabad. Fnb世界播


That’s how I came to know Jyotsna, her friend and senior by one year in college and Donald, who remained one of Parveen’s closest friend. Fnb世界播



Indian actor Kabir Bedi kissing his partner Indian actress Parveen Babi. Rome, 20th January 1979 (Photo by Mario Notarangelo/Mondadori via Getty Images) Fnb世界播

印度演员卡比尔·贝迪亲吻他的伴侣,印度女演员帕尔文·巴比。1979年1月20日,罗马(Mario Notarangelo/Mondadori通过Getty Images摄)Fnb世界播


Parveen with Amitabh Bachchan in Majboor Fnb世界播

Parveen与Amitabh Bachchan在MajboorFnb世界播

What’s been the response like? Fnb世界播


I have received praise from fellow journalists and editors. But most importantly, Parveen’s fans have remarked that the book has dealt with her condition empathetically. Also, that it was incredibly well-researched. That was my mission. People assumed it would be scandalous. But I’ve just stated the facts. It’s up to people to make their own inferences. Fnb世界播


There are also those who felt that Parveen’s story was told from the lens of the men in her life. Some said that her films should have been touched upon more. I’m open to criticism. Everyone has their own viewpoint. Fnb世界播


What did you discover about her as a woman? Fnb世界播


Once she tasted freedom after leaving her hometown Junagadh to study in Ahmedabad, Parveen went on to live life by her own rules. Fnb世界播


Even after her psychotic breakdown, in a certain way, she still chose to live life her way. People say she was so successful, so beautiful. So how she could be so ill! But people with schizophrenia can seemingly lead normal lives. Fnb世界播


Our understanding about the condition is limited. Parveen painted in those years, she wrote out legal documents in legal language – though of course that was part of her mental state. I also realised that people still love her years after she’s gone. That she had garnered a lot of goodwill. Fnb世界播


Even producers, who had lost money due to her illness, spoke warmly about her. Fnb世界播


While writing the book, were you emotionally affected by your subject and her travails? Fnb世界播


One of my trainings as a journalist demands that you keep yourself emotionally distanced. Fnb世界播


But I did feel incredibly sad at the thought that her body lay unclaimed in the morgue with other unclaimed bodies of people who had died in accidents. Fnb世界播


Admirably, the three men in her life – Danny Denzongpa, Kabir Bedi and Mahesh Bhatt – were all present at her funeral. Fnb世界播


Late producer Johny Bakshi described the scene beautifully to me. He said at the kabrastan, there were few people. But when he turned around, he saw the three men, Danny, Kabir and Mahesh, standing together. He thought it was an extremely powerful moment. Fnb世界播


All three had played significant roles in Parveen’s life. Danny had continued his friendship with Parveen even through her mental illness. With Kabir, she had the opportunity to witness a world beyond Bollywood. And Mahesh was the one who had first recognised her illness and helped her in every way he could. Fnb世界播



Parveen with Amitabh Bachchan in Majboor Fnb世界播

Parveen与Amitabh Bachchan在MajboorFnb世界播

How can her obsession with Amitabh Bachchan be explained? Fnb世界播

如何解释她对Amitabh Bachchan的痴迷呢?Fnb世界播

What I got to understand through my conversations with Mahesh and Danny was that Amitabh Bachchan was the No. 1 hero and she wanted him to be part of her career. Having said that, the signs of her obsession were there even before she had to drop out of Silsila (1981) as is mentioned in the book. Fnb世界播


Even today mental health in the film industry is a matter of debate… Fnb世界播


It’s important to talk about and understand mental health. Families ignore it, hide it. Fnb世界播


A person can suffer mental health issues in any industry. But the scrutiny in showbiz is much more as is the uncertainty as compared to a corporate job. Fnb世界播


So, here the probability of facing mental health problems is more. Mental illness is also genetic. If you have the tendency, then it becomes even more difficult in showbiz. Fnb世界播


What makes the journey worthwhile? Fnb世界播


When people write to me saying that the book was waiting to be written, all the madness of the years seems worthwhile. Fnb世界播


My deadline for writing this book was a year. It stretched to three years. Then it was to be launched in January this year. Fnb世界播


But it was finally released now in this scenario – where there’s a parallel ongoing debate on mental health. This is uncanny. Fnb世界播


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