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Fewer Fistfights, Less Sex—TV Production Gets a Covid Makeover 9y8世界播



On the ‘S.W.A.T.’ set, all actors and those in constant contact with them get tested three times a week. 9y8世界播


Just before production resumed in August on the hit CBS police drama “S.W.A.T.,” co-creator and executive producer Shawn Ryan called an infectious-disease expert with one question. 9y8世界播

就在CBS热门警视剧“S.W.A.T.”8月份恢复制作之前,联合主创兼执行制片人肖恩·瑞安(Shawn Ryan)打电话给一位传染病专家,问了一个问题。9y8世界播

“Are we crazy to be doing this?” Mr. Ryan asked Marissa Baker, a professor at the University of Washington. 9y8世界播

“我们这样做是疯了吗?”瑞安问华盛顿大学教授玛丽莎·贝克(Marissa Baker)。9y8世界播

Ms. Baker, who specializes in potential exposure to infectious diseases, reassured Mr. Ryan that if the show followed the coronavirus protocols she advocated to protect the cast and crew, it should be fine. 9y8世界播


Easier said than done. As Hollywood resumes production in the midst of a pandemic, fear of Covid-19 is changing how television gets made. Producers are avoiding scenes with crowds, guest stars or intimacy between characters, wherever possible. Crew members have backups in case they get sick. Special cameras give the illusion that actors are near each other when they are far apart. 9y8世界播


For some, regardless of all the safety measures, the health risks are too great to participate. 9y8世界播


On the set of “S.W.A.T.,” which is produced by Sony Pictures Television, actors and the people who need to be close to them, such as directors and sound technicians, are usually in what is known as “Zone One” or the “A Zone.” The other zones are for people who don’t need to be near the actors, including producers and writers. Cast and crew typically wear wrist bands identifying which section they can be in. 9y8世界播


All the actors on “S.W.A.T.” and the people who are in constant contact with them get tested at least three times a week, while others on the set get tested once a week. Bigger shows with larger budgets often have additional crew members on call who are undergoing the same testing as those working on the program—akin to being an alternate juror, a CBS executive said. 9y8世界播



On the ‘S.W.A.T.’ set, all actors and those in constant contact with them get tested three times a week. 9y8世界播


Such Covid-19 testing and safety measures are quickly becoming standard across Hollywood, and the price tag is steep: more than $300,000 an episode for a typical one-hour drama, and over $150,000 an episode for a comedy, according to people familiar with production finances. That amounts to a 10% to 15% increase in cost per episode, the people said. Network and streaming outlets are kicking in to help studios and producers shoulder the extra costs. 9y8世界播


“Things like testing can be very expensive. PPE is very expensive. Reconfiguring sets can be very expensive,” said Sony Pictures Television Studios President Jeff Frost. 9y8世界播

“像测试这样的事情可能会非常昂贵。个人防护用品很贵。重新配置电视机可能非常昂贵,“索尼影视制片厂总裁杰夫·弗罗斯特(Jeff Frost)说。9y8世界播

When actors or crew members test positive, production can grind to a halt. This week, NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives” and HBO historical drama “The Gilded Age” both suspended production after crew members tested positive. 9y8世界播


Most of America’s corporations are figuring out how to return to the office. The entertainment industry faces some special challenges. For one thing, the workplace can change every day, in configuration and location. On a typical set there are scores of people with vastly different responsibilities and importance working close to one another—a megastar getting paid millions of dollars is alongside a boom mic holder or makeup artist. Treating everyone safely while taking special care of the performers, who can’t work with masks on, is no small effort. 9y8世界播


Although most of Los Angeles still can’t eat indoors or go to a gym, and many of the nation’s movie theaters are still closed or operating at low occupancy, the entertainment industry felt it was crucial to get the TV cameras rolling again. Broadcast and cable networks and new streaming services such as Comcast Corp.’s Peacock, AT&T Inc.’s HBO Max and Walt Disney Co. ’s Disney+ are starved for fresh content.Even Netflix Inc., which has banked enough content to get through next year, needs a constant flow of new material to maintain its streaming dominance. 9y8世界播

尽管洛杉矶大部分地区仍然不能在室内用餐,也不能去健身房,全国许多电影院仍然关闭或入住率较低,但娱乐业认为让电视摄像机重新开机是至关重要的。广播和有线电视网络以及康卡斯特(Comcast Corp.)的孔雀(Peacock)、美国电话电报公司(AT&T Inc.)的HBO Max和华特迪士尼(Walt Disney Co.)的迪士尼+(Disney+)等新的流媒体服务对新内容的渴求,甚至连网飞公司(Netflix Inc.)也需要源源不断的新素材来维持其流媒体主导地位。9y8世界播


ABC’s medical drama ‘The Good Doctor’ went back to work in September. 9y8世界播

美国广播公司(ABC)的医疗剧“好医生”(The Good Doctor)于9月份重新开播9y8世界播

“S.W.A.T.,” which is known for its well-choreographed fight scenes and occasional romances, now requires story lines with less action and sex. Actors typically stay the recommended 6 feet apart, and physical contact between them is limited. “I don’t get to do any hanky-panky,” said the show’s star, Shemar Moore, who added that he also misses hand-to-hand combat. 9y8世界播

“S.W.A.T”以其精心编排的打斗场面和偶尔的浪漫故事而闻名,现在要求的故事情节动作和性较少。演员们通常保持推荐的6英尺的距离,他们之间的身体接触是有限的。该节目的主演谢马尔·摩尔(Shemar Moore)说,“我不会做任何鬼鬼祟祟的事情。”他补充说,他也很怀念肉搏战。9y8世界播

The most action Mr. Moore gets now is having a swab stuck up his nose several times a week to test for the virus. “It’s annoying,” he said. “We’d all rather not be doing this, but this is what it takes to be safe.” 9y8世界播


Some shows have been victims of slow test results. In Vancouver, production on many TV shows, including ABC’s “A Million Little Things” and the CW’s “Riverdale,” was halted when labs processing Covid-19 tests got backed up and results were delayed. 9y8世界播


The real fear for studios and networks is what happens when the day is done and the cast and crew go home. “It’s only going to be as good as the commitment you make to how you’re going to be when you’re away from the set,” said John Wells, a prolific producer who currently has three shows going at once, including Showtime’s “Shameless” and TNT’s “Animal Kingdom.” 9y8世界播

制片厂和电视网真正害怕的是当一天结束,演员和剧组人员回家后会发生什么。多产制片人约翰·威尔斯(John Wells)说,“这将取决于你对离开片场后会变成什么样的承诺。”他目前有三部电视剧在同时上映,包括Showtime的“无耻”(Shamless)和TNT的“动物王国”(Animal王国)。9y8世界播

“We have lots of conversations about keeping your bubble small at home,” he said. “If you don’t feel comfortable with that and you want to go on a boat with a bunch of other people on the weekend, this isn’t the job for you.” 9y8世界播


Ms. Baker, the consultant for “S.W.A.T.” and other Sony shows, said a movie or TV set is most similar to a construction site with lots of contractors and subcontractors. “You have a lot of different groups working together under one umbrella,” she explained. “It can be confusing as to who should be in charge and who you’re taking orders from.” 9y8世界播



ABC’s legal thriller ‘For Life’ started making new episodes in August. 9y8世界播

美国广播公司(ABC)的法律惊悚片“一生”(For Life)在8月份开始制作新的剧集9y8世界播

The protocols in place at “S.W.A.T.” are similar to those at other television shows. Sets and equipment are constantly cleaned. Most shows have a Covid-19 compliance officer, whose job is to make sure social distancing is being practiced and everyone is masked up. Mr. Moore, the actor, said, “They walk around with 6-foot sticks just to remind us what 6 feet is.” 9y8世界播


Mr. Ryan said the show is doing far fewer crowd scenes and now has 30 extras it uses on a recurring basis instead of the usual 250. If a guest star is brought in, the show pays extra to the actor to not work five days before the “S.W.A.T.” shoot. 9y8世界播


Gone are big fancy buffets and large groups eating around a few large tables. Instead, everyone is given a boxed lunch to eat in shifts at individual tables arranged to resemble an elementary-school classroom. 9y8世界播


“I thought it was the most depressing part of our set,” said Casey Kriley, co-chief executive of Magical Elves, a production company that makes the cooking show “Nailed It” for Netflix. 9y8世界播

为Netflix制作这部烹饪节目的制片公司Magical Elves的联席首席执行官凯西·克里利(Casey Kriley)说,“我认为这是我们片场最令人沮丧的部分。”9y8世界播

Besides protecting the cast, the zone system also allows shows to limit the potential damage of someone testing positive. On “Nailed It,” when a crew member tested positive, the show tested others who had been in contact with that person. 9y8世界播


On “S.W.A.T.,” directors often use 8K cameras, which have four times the resolution of 4K cameras and allow footage to be edited to create close-ups even if the actors are socially distanced. “There are all sorts of tricks that we utilize in that regard,” Mr. Ryan said. 9y8世界播


A star’s usual posse—publicists, agents, managers—is now barred from sets, as are network executives. Even writers and executive producers are often at home watching the action online. 9y8世界播


Jay Roach said he directed the HBO movie “Coastal Elites,” a series of one-character vignettes about the effect of the coronavirus that starred Bette Midler, Issa Rae and Sarah Paulson, from his own kitchen, while the actors were filmed in their own properties. “We might as well all have been in space stations,” he said. 9y8世界播

杰伊·罗奇(Jay Roach)说,他在自己的厨房执导了HBO电影“海岸精英”(Coastal Elites),这是一系列关于冠状病毒影响的一个角色的插曲,由贝特·米德勒(Bette Midler)、伊萨·雷(Issa Rae)和萨拉·保尔森(Sarah Paulson)主演,而演员们是在自己的房子里拍摄的。“我们可能都在空间站里,”他说。9y8世界播

A few such changes likely will remain even when the masks and swabs are put away, according to Mr. Frost of Sony Pictures Television. “You don’t have the luxury of shooting a scene 10 times,” Mr. Frost said. “You’re shooting fewer takes and getting it right.” 9y8世界播


Mr. Wells, the producer, believes the days of scripts coming in not long before shooting are over. “You cannot do this without fully completed scripts weeks in advance,” he said. “It allows everyone to really prepare properly and is ultimately the most efficient way to work.” 9y8世界播


The unions that represent actors, producers, cameramen and others on scripted TV shows hammered out an official manual on Covid-19 protocols in September, working with the major studios and networks. 9y8世界播


Liv Tyler, a co-star of Fox’s “911: Lone Star,” quit because she didn’t want to travel from the British countryside to the show’s sets in Los Angeles, given the risk of contracting coronavirus, people close to the show said. 9y8世界播

知情人士称,福克斯“911:孤星”(911:Lone Star)的联合主演丽芙·泰勒(Liv Tyler)辞职,因为考虑到感染冠状病毒的风险,她不想从英国乡村前往洛杉矶的剧场。9y8世界播

Netflix canceled its female wrestling drama “Glow” because the pandemic “makes shooting this physically intimate show with its large ensemble cast especially challenging,” a company spokeswoman said. 9y8世界播


Much of the “nonfiction” or reality-TV world isn’t unionized, and some people in that field say safety protections are less stringent. 9y8世界播


“The jobs I was offered, I didn’t feel the sets were safe enough,” said Genevieve Wong. 9y8世界播

“我得到的工作,我觉得布景不够安全,”吉纳维芙·王(Genevieve Wong)说。9y8世界播

“Sexology,” a talk show on the new streaming service Quibi, doesn’t make any effort to limit movements of people or use a zone system to protect those going on-camera, leaving some people on the set nervous, members of the production team said. A producer once asked a guest to drink cold water in an effort to bring his temperature down, rather than sending him home, according to two members of the production team. 9y8世界播


A person close to the show said the guest had checked no symptoms on the show’s questionnaire, had previously tested negative for Covid, and was merely overheated. In a written statement, the show’s producer, Madaket Films, said: “We put the health and safety of our staff, crew and guests before anything else.” 9y8世界播

一位接近节目的人士说,这位嘉宾在节目问卷上没有检查过任何症状,之前Covid检测呈阴性,只是体温过高。在一份书面声明中,该节目的制片人Madaket Films表示:“我们把员工、剧组和嘉宾的健康和安全放在首位。”9y8世界播

Production companies behind many unscripted shows don’t get the same financial help from networks for added safety costs as the big studios that make scripted shows, some producers said. 9y8世界播



Kevin O’Leary of ‘Shark Tank’ gets cleaned up as the ABC show about entrepreneurs returns to production. 9y8世界播

随着美国广播公司(ABC)关于企业家的节目恢复制作,“鲨鱼缸”(Shark Tank)的凯文·奥利里(Kevin O‘Leary)得到了清理9y8世界播

“More often than not, it’s the networks who are to blame for not well funding projects,” said nonfiction producer Johanna Vanderspool. She is the lead organizer of the Nonfiction Professionals Union, a group seeking to align itself with one of the established Hollywood guilds. 9y8世界播

纪录片制片人约翰娜·范德斯普尔(Johanna Vanderspool)说:“通常情况下,没有很好地资助项目应该归咎于电视网。”她是非虚构类专业人士联盟的主要组织者,该联盟寻求与好莱坞某个老牌工会结盟。9y8世界播

Some reality-TV shows require producers and crew to sign Covid-19 release waivers, she said.“We are the stepchild of the industry,” she said. 9y8世界播


Discovery Inc., whose networks run much nonfiction content, initially told producers that it won’t help pay for tests. It has since softened that stance, though it isn’t doing daily testing, like some other networks and studios. Cast and crew involved in some of its shows get tested every two weeks via at-home tests that are mailed to them, a person familiar with the matter said. 9y8世界播

Discovery Inc.的网络播放大量非虚构内容,该公司最初告诉制片人,它不会帮助支付测试费用。自那以后,它已经软化了这一立场,尽管它不像其他一些电视网和制片厂那样进行日常测试。一位知情人士说,参与一些节目的演员和工作人员每两周通过邮寄给他们的家庭测试进行一次测试。9y8世界播

A Discovery spokesman said the amount of testing can vary from show to show, and the company works with producers to determine the best approach. 9y8世界播


Some unscripted shows that have shorter production cycles and deeper pockets, such as ABC’s “The Bachelor,” are taking a “bubble” approach, requiring actors, producers and crew to remain in a location for several weeks, just as the National Basketball Association did with players and staff during its restarted season. The TBS show “Go-Big,” an extreme talent competition, just wrapped a 10-week shoot in Macon, Ga., with frequent testing and isolation. 9y8世界播


“The temptation for people to wander off site is a lot less than if you’re in Los Angeles or New York or Atlanta,” said “Go-Big” Executive Producer Conrad Green. 9y8世界播

“与洛杉矶、纽约或亚特兰大相比,人们在场外漫步的诱惑力要小得多,”“Go-Big”执行制片人康拉德·格林(Conrad Green)说。9y8世界播

HBO’s political talk show “Real Time with Bill Maher” recently returned to its Los Angeles studio with a small audience. All of them were tested before attending the taping, wore masks and sat more than 6 feet apart. 9y8世界播

HBO的政治脱口秀节目“与比尔·马赫实时相处”(Real Time With Bill Maher)最近重返洛杉矶演播室,观众人数很少。他们所有人在参加录制之前都接受了测试,戴着口罩,坐在相距超过6英尺的地方。9y8世界播

“It was a herculean effort,” said Mr. Maher, who had been taping his show from his Beverly Hills home, often with only his dog as an audience. He made no secret of how much he missed doing the show in front of a crowd. 9y8世界播


“At a certain point,” he said, “I just couldn’t tell jokes anymore to nobody.” 9y8世界播


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