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Approximately 45 million people in the United States wear contact lenses, and despite experts generally advising people to take out their lenses before sleeping, a CDC report found that roughly one-third of contact-lens wearers sleep or nap while wearing them. But imagine this: It's a rainy, cloudy Sunday afternoon. You have no plans or chores to do. The only thing you have to worry about is how you want to spend your day. If you're a nap-lover like me, this kind of day makes you sleepy, prompting you to drift off. Sometimes it's simply too hard to resist curling up for a good nap. But if you wear contact lenses, you've probably wondered how safe or dangerous it is to nap with them in. We spoke with three experts to get their take on sleeping with contact lenses. Qr0世界播


In one word, no. Although it may be convenient, sleeping in contact lenses is rarely recommended from a medical standpoint, said ophthalmologist, surgeon, and San Francisco Eye Institute founder Margaret Liu, MD. This is because contact lenses invariably decrease oxygenation of the eye, promote debris buildup, and allow bacteria and parasites to access the cornea. In fact, sleeping in contact lenses increases your chance of getting an eye infection by six to eight times, which can result in pain and vision loss, Dr. Liu told POPSUGAR. Vision loss can be permanent or require surgical intervention because of scarring of the cornea. Dr. Liu further explained that sleeping in contact lenses can cause inflammation, which may cause persistent discomfort, such as burning, tearing, or foreign-body sensation when wearing them. Qr0世界播

一言以蔽之,不行。虽然戴隐形眼镜可能很方便,但从医学角度来看,很少推荐戴隐形眼镜睡觉,眼科医生、外科医生、旧金山眼科研究所创始人、医学博士玛格丽特·刘(Margaret Liu)说。这是因为隐形眼镜总是减少眼睛的氧合,促进碎片的堆积,并允许细菌和寄生虫进入角膜。刘医生告诉POPSUGAR说,事实上,戴隐形眼镜睡觉会使你患眼部感染的几率增加6到8倍,这可能会导致疼痛和视力丧失。由于角膜瘢痕形成,视力丧失可能是永久性的,也可能需要手术治疗。刘医生进一步解释说,戴隐形眼镜睡觉会引起炎症,这可能会导致持续性的不适,比如戴上隐形眼镜时会有灼热、撕裂或异物感。Qr0世界播

You can also develop a corneal ulcer (an open sore of the cornea) or corneal abrasion (a scratch on the cornea), said optometrist Ora Esfahani, OD, the director of optometric services at the Southern California Eye Institute at the CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. Qr0世界播

查好莱坞长老会医疗中心南加州眼科研究所的验光师Ora Esfahani,OD说,你还可能患上角膜溃疡(一种开放性的角膜溃疡)或角膜擦伤(角膜上的划痕),他是验光师奥拉·埃斯法哈尼(Ora Esfahani),他是位于CHA好莱坞长老会医疗中心的南加州眼科研究所的验光服务主任。Qr0世界播

Lastly, sleeping in contact lenses can cause them to get stuck underneath your eyelid, Dr. Esfahani said, adding that such an occurrence can be uncomfortable and may require removal by a doctor. Qr0世界播


In general, Dr. Liu said, the more time spent sleeping in contact lenses, the greater the risk that you will develop symptoms of infection or inflammation and suffer from the more severe consequences. Qr0世界播


That said, napping for a short amount of time (20 minutes) with your contact lenses in isn't the end of the world, Dr. Esfahani added. If you're asleep for one or more hours, then your contact lenses can dry up in your eyes. This can cause discomfort or even scratch your eyes when you open them. And, depending on the material of your contact lenses, your corneas may not receive adequate oxygen and hydration while sleeping, causing irritation and possibly an infection, Dr. Esfahani said. With shorter naps, these issues are less likely to occur. But of course, it still can happen, which is important to remember. Qr0世界播


It's not advisable that you sleep in daily-wear lenses, which include one-day, two-week, monthly, and quarterly disposable lenses, said pediatric neurologist Sujay Kansagra, MD, the director of Duke University's Pediatric Neurology Sleep Medicine Program and a sleep-health expert at Mattress Firm. However, there are some FDA-approved extended-wear lenses that are specifically designed for overnight or continuous wear, ranging from one night to 30 days. Qr0世界播

杜克大学(Duke University)儿科神经病学睡眠医学项目主任、床垫公司睡眠健康专家、儿科神经科医生苏杰·堪萨格拉(Sujay Kansagra)说,不建议你戴着日常佩戴的镜片睡觉,这些镜片包括一天、两周、每月和每季度使用一次的一次性镜片。然而,有一些FDA批准的延长佩戴镜片是专门为通宵或连续佩戴而设计的,从一晚到30天不等。Qr0世界播

That said, it's important to note that while all contact lenses pose dangers, daily-wear lenses generally have less risk of infection than extended-wear lenses, Dr. Liu said. Qr0世界播


Because many contact-lens wearers develop contact lens-related dry eye, Dr. Kansagra recommended applying rewetting drops to rehydrate your eyes and contact lenses before removal. This is because dry eyes can increase your risk of corneal abrasion. Qr0世界播


Afterward, you should give your eyes a day-long break from contact lenses so that they have a chance to breathe, Dr. Esfahani added. Qr0世界播


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