Marco Andretti将退出IndyCar全职赛车

2021-01-18 00:07

Marco Andretti To Step Back From Full-time IndyCar Racing RYd世界播

Marco Andretti将退出IndyCar全职赛车RYd世界播


Marco Andretti will not run the full IndyCar schedule this season as the third-generation driver reprioritizes his racing career. RYd世界播

Marco Andretti本赛季将不会运行完整的IndyCar赛程,因为这位第三代车手重新安排了他的赛车生涯。RYd世界播

Andretti will compete in the Indianapolis 500, the historic race his family has notoriously won just once, and assist Andretti Autosport with preseason testing and development. He will be in a car next week testing in Sebring, Florida. RYd世界播


Beyond that, his schedule is open. RYd世界播


Marco and I have discussed this at length. I support and respect his decision to take a focus on other areas of life, and maybe even other forms of motorsport, team owner Michael Andretti said Friday of his son. RYd世界播

马可和我已经详细讨论过这一点。车队老板迈克尔·安德雷蒂(Michael Andretti)周五在谈到他的儿子时表示:我支持并尊重他将重点放在生活的其他领域,甚至其他形式的赛车运动的决定。RYd世界播

Andretti followed his grandfather, father and cousins into IndyCar racing but has never found the same success as his famed family. Mario Andretti, his grandfather, ranks second on IndyCar’s all-time win list with 52 victories including the 1969 Indy 500. Michael Andretti won 42 races. RYd世界播

安德雷蒂跟随他的祖父、父亲和堂兄弟姐妹参加了印地赛车比赛,但从未像他著名的家族那样取得过同样的成功。他的祖父马里奥·安德雷蒂(Mario Andretti)以52场胜利位居印地赛车(IndyCar)历史冠军排行榜第二,其中包括1969年的印地500(Indy 500)。迈克尔·安德雷蒂赢得了42场比赛。RYd世界播

Marco Andretti has two career victories in 15 seasons, his last in 2011. The 33-year-old won the pole in August for the Indianapolis 500 but he didn’t lead a lap and finished 13th. RYd世界播


He was 20th in the final season standings, lowest of all full-time IndyCar drivers. RYd世界播


I think for any multi-generational athlete, it can be really challenging to find your own ground and make your own name on top of your family’s,” Michael Andretti said. Marco has always had the courage to chart his own path and I’m proud of the career he’s built for himself and the person he’s become. I know this decision wasn’t easy.” RYd世界播

我认为对于任何几代人的运动员来说,找到自己的立足点并在家人的基础上成名真的是一件具有挑战性的事情。“迈克尔·安德雷蒂(Michael Andretti)说。马可一直有勇气规划自己的道路,我为他为自己和他现在成为的人而建立的职业生涯感到自豪。我知道这个决定并不容易。“。RYd世界播

Both father and son stressed Andretti is not retiring. RYd世界播


Marco Andretti said he hoped to compete in sports car racing alongside his cousin, Jarett, and marquee events such as the Rolex 24 at Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring and Le Mans. RYd世界播

马尔科·安德雷蒂(Marco Andretti)表示,他希望能与堂兄贾雷特(Jarett)一起参加跑车比赛,以及在代托纳举行的劳力士24(Rolex 24)、赛布林12小时赛车(12 Hour Of Seproin)和勒芒(Le Mans。RYd世界播

I definitely am going to keep driving, he said. “I still have a deep passion for it and have unfinished business to take care of and some boxes that I want to check before I consider retiring as a driver. RYd世界播


I remain very hungry to win the Indy 500. It is our biggest stage and the place that I feel I bring the most to the table as a driver. RYd世界播


Andretti as a rookie was passed while leading on the final straight by winner Sam Hornish Jr. in his 2006 Indy 500 debut. He finished second that year, his best finish in 15 races. He was third in 2010 and 2014. RYd世界播


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