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Analysis: NFL's Juggling Act Probably Has Just Begun vTR世界播



If fans are feeling dizzy, their heads spinning like they were jonesing on Lamar Jackson/Patrick Mahomes highlight videos, it’s understandable. vTR世界播


All of the schedule juggling the NFL is doing feels like a Tilt-A-Whirl gone mad. Even worse, it’s almost certainly not over. vTR世界播


Super Bowl in springtime? Not out of the realm of possibility. vTR世界播


The COVID-19 outbreak in Tennessee, followed by a mini-outbreak in New England, has forced all sorts of machinations. No team’s schedule through late November has been more disrupted than the Chargers and they haven’t had a coronavirus positive. vTR世界播


Sure, the Titans seem to have some rescheduling done daily by the league, and the Patriots don’t know when they are able to practice at their facility or must go totally virtual. Yet when the NFL on Sunday shuffled the schedule cards, it was the Chargers who came up with deuces. vTR世界播


Get this: The Chargers had four games and their bye impacted. Not only will fans have to check whose playing in the upcoming weeks, so will the players. vTR世界播


As if that’s not enough upheaval, consider that we are in Week 5. That means 12 more weeks on the schedule, ending on Jan. 3. Except that getting in all of the games by then likely is a pipe dream in a collision sport with so many participants per team. Not to mention dozens of organizational members who work at team facilities. vTR世界播


After several of his players turned to social media to complain about the uncertainty, Broncos coach Vic Fangio said he understood his players feelings. vTR世界播

在几名球员在社交媒体上抱怨不确定性后,野马队主教练维克·方吉奥(Vic Fangio)表示,他理解球员的感受。vTR世界播

But my message to them and to anybody is we were inconvenienced by this, but it very easily could have been flipped around to where we had the positive tests and the Patriots were inconvenienced by it, Fangio suggested. So, Im happy that the positive tests werent in our building. But Im under no illusion that at some point we might have a positive test or two and be the cause of a game getting moved down the road. vTR世界播


Whatever wiggle room the NFL had in compiling the schedule released in the spring pretty much is gone. Further outbreaks or the continuance of the ones in Nashville and Foxborough will lead to more disturbances. But given the nature of the sport and the inability to play games too close together on any regular basis, the league is now cornered. vTR世界播


There are solutions. They aren’t that different from what NHL and NBA, even golf and tennis have done: extend the schedule beyond the original calendar. vTR世界播


NFL executives have said they have myriad contingency plans, which have to include regular-season games in January. How many? As many as are needed to get to 16 games barring a total shutdown of the entire league. vTR世界播


How late into January? Whatever it takes to have everyone play 16 games. vTR世界播


Other team sports have considered using or to employ winning percentage to determine playoff berths when necessary. When you play just 16 games in a season, though, it seems inherently unfair to reward or penalize any team that can’t get to 16 because of a pandemic. vTR世界播


Certainly there are factors to consider about stretching the regular season into a month when the playoffs should be going on. For one, of course, it means pushing back the Super Bowl from Feb. 7 if more than one week in January is needed to complete the season. It means a longer schedule for the also-rans who want to get away and forget. vTR世界播

当然,将常规赛延长到季后赛应该进行的一个月是需要考虑的因素。当然,首先,这意味着如果需要在1月份超过一周才能完成本赛季,这意味着超级碗(Super Bowl)将从2月7日推迟。对于那些想要离开和忘记的失败者来说,这意味着更长的日程安排。vTR世界播

There’s also the weather factor in so many cities. Then again, the NFL has been playing night games in Green Bay and New England and Kansas City during frigid months for years. vTR世界播


There are the broadcast partners to consider. It’s hard to imagine them complaining about more NFL content stretched further into the winter when pro football dominates the ratings not only in sports, but overall. vTR世界播


While pushing the Super Bowl back in February might be an inconvenience to organizers in Tampa, well, who’s to say the upcoming big game will have fans on hand, given how COVID-19 has affected the nation? It might very well be akin to the studio shows that so many NFL contests are right now. vTR世界播


As Dr. Allen Sills, t he league’s medical director, has stated countless times: Weve said all along every options on the table. Weve never taken any option off the table, which includes some type of pause or reset or any other type of alternative arrangements. vTR世界播


Stay tuned. vTR世界播


AP Pro Football Writer Arnie Stapleton contributed. vTR世界播

美联社职业足球记者阿尼·斯台普顿(Arnie Stapleton)贡献了力量。vTR世界播

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